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I was under the impression that if two players were attacking a rat, the one that does the most damage gets credit for the kill and can. Is this not the case? If it is the case, how then can someone show up in a site where I already have the boss below 50% armor and steal credit for the kill? I find it hard to believe that any HAM setup would do more damage in five seconds than 6 heated heavy neutron blasters in optimal range. Losing the site is one thing, but when this happens I can’t even retaliate. Why is the can yellow when I did most the damage? Does anyone here know how this actually works? ISD?

EDIT: Someone below supplied properly sourced information which answers my question:

Do them in low/null and you can retaliate :wink:

So you don’t know either then?

Rat loot drops have been about Final blow. Always, 20 years. Never „most damage“.

Completely false.

Loot the yellow can anyway and start warping out. It merely makes you go suspect.

If they shoot you, you tackle them and blaster them to death. Your reload time is ages shorter than any HAM setup. You get the loot, defend your honor, and get their loot. And a lot of fun.

If they don’t shoot you get the loot.

The only way to lose is to not shoot them.


Thank you, this was the information I was trying to get at. So it was entirely chance. ISD can you confirm this?

I don’t really care about the loot, just hate that I couldn’t retaliate because of Concord intervention.

Having won/lost contests and contested gazillion of rat bosses over 10 years, I can confirm it’s top damage. Please remember that rats have different resists and HP per layer. For example the Guri boss has it’s EHP mostly in shields, the SoCT boss in Armor. So if the contestant comes in, quickly removes the other 50% of armor plus hull with it’s 1600 HAM DPS, it can well be that the score goes to them. But would have been definitely extra bad luck for you.

EDIT: there are multiple other factors, for example where there more people shooting the rat? Did the rat regenerate shield at some point? Was it freshly spawned or an “old” rat?

EDIT2: Knowledge base article explaining it: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000597345-Container-and-Wreck-Ownership


Thank you for the article. I am confident I had the highest damage on the rat based on the circumstances. It was already under 50% armor when I saw the guy warp in. Maybe if they guy got crushing blows on each volley he might have gotten up to where I was in damage done, but I find it difficult to believe. Assuming everything went down the way I think it did and I’m not missing some factor, and that it’s top damage done, that should have been my can. Rat ships from SOCT should have balanced hull resists, so he shouldn’t have even had enough time to do more damage than I had. I can’t explain it, but it sounds like either way it boils down to chance which sucks.

CCP article linked above proves this post to be incorrect.

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Well I’ll be. Thanks for the correction.

My advice on looting anyway still stands.

I remember a story some time ago of someone stalking for yellow-can looters by bringing down a valuable rat multiple times through shield, so that they have the guarantee on having top damage, and then let the shield regenerate to make the rat look “fresh”. While waiting cloaked for someone else killing and looting it …

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Imagine if CCP actually did something useful and simply answered this question, outright.

Would be the most remarkable thing they have done in 5 years.

That may be the case, but it doesn’t always work out this way in practice. I’ve noticed when “competing” for rats in anomalies that wreck ownership doesn’t always go to top damage. Sometimes I’ll put a rat into deep hull with a single volley, and the other person finishes it off and gets ownership, and vice versa.

That’s probably more a client synch issue than anything else.

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Crazy. I would have bet any sum that it is based on final hit. But I just tested it on the TestServer: Shot 3 NPCs to half structure with first char, then finished them off with a second char. Wreck still belonged to the first char even if he didn’t kill the rat.

Imagine if the playerbase of the most complex MMO on the market actually took the time to research it and figure out how it works like the majority of the more obfuscated mechanics, kids these days just expect everyone to hand them answers lol


Imagine being so confident in your ignorance that you assume things about the character of someone asking a question in good faith on the internet.

Thank you everyone who provided verified information or who answered in good faith. It seems this topic was particularly obscure for a lot of people, and I have no doubt that this thread clarified the matter for a lot of people.

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Now this is a creative tactic! I saw the rat spawn so not applicable in this case, but it never would have even occurred to me to do that lol.

I can assume quite a lot here, been playing EVE since 2004 so i’ve done more than my fair share of working things out myself

And you’re kind of proving my point :wink:

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You clearly have no point beyond being snarky on the internet because you certainly didn’t add anything of value to the discussion.

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I think it’s safe to say you’re one of those guys who won eve years ago and has nothing better to do.
All that experience and nothing worthwhile to share :smiley: :man_shrugging: :100:

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Oh i did, you just don’t want to accept it, there is a minor difference

I mean, why do i need to kill anything? not sure why zkill presence has literally anything to do with this discussion but thanks for proving my point :slight_smile:

Oh god no, none of my alts have my name in them, what would be the point of them being an alt if they were that easy to tie to me lol

Oh there was, but you’re proving my point that you don’t understand anything that isn’t fed to you on a spoon lol

You have fun with that :slight_smile:

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