Hypothetical Event Mistake

Suppose some day in the future an event is made for the game. It has low tier combat sites through all of space and high tier ones in low sec, with some of them being comparable to L4 missions in terms of average loot, but with very high variability. (ok with missions, usually the loot isn’t worth as much as the LP, but l mean in terms of the mission loot pus all the goodies you’d buy with the LP) The NPC rats are similarly built to previous events with large numbers of different rats and a boss.

However a mistake was made when coding for this. The three most threatening non-boss rats in the high value sites were coded to have a firing interval 10 times as long as intended. This means their DPS is not very good. The mistake lasts 3 days before it is fixed.

What would the player reaction be? Would they even notice that the most threatening non-boss rats just aren’t hurting all that much? Might someone on the first day speculate this is a bug and therefore they should milk the site for all that it’s worth? After the patch would people ask if a decimal point was misplaced?

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Players usually try to blitz the event sites and probably wouldn’t even notice…


I would report it myself. CCP is uh… usually on top of the event bugs within a day. It’s a mix of
two reactions. CCP would even likely do emergency DT/patch to fix something like that. But again all hypothetical. A very slippery road my friend. You have a great active mind!

People would milk the sites/exploit it.
People would promptly report it while still running the sites.

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Exploit early and exploit often. The only exploit they really cracked down on was the Triglavian standing exploit…

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Yes, and they would notice it in the first site. A lot of sites is run and people watch damage numbers. But coding them so they dont do much damage isnt considered a bug. A lot of npcs do funny damage.

People would most likely report too high damage coming from them, like 10 times higher, not weak damage. Especially hard sites are more suspicious than easy ones.

Wut. People would milk it for all it’s worth while they could.

Have you never played MMOs or

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Someone would post about it within 24 hours of release.

Someone else would report the poster for exploiting.

50 people would pick up on it early and farm sites like mad. 5 people would log onto forums to report that “all the sites are gone or completed by the time I get there, where are the sites?”.

CCP would fix it in less than 48 hours, since it’s a bug that benefits players. They would probably ‘accidentally’ double the firing rate of the boss, resulting in the slaughter of the less-wary folks trying to exploit the sites. It would take them 3 days to ‘fix’ that.

If the bug was instead one that reduced reward (sites not dropping, or dropping with half the frequency), it would take CCP 5 days to fix that.

Your OP is hypothetical only with regards to future events, since all these things have taken place in the past.


suppose such things are already in the game without the need for events, this is a pvp game, not a wow clone, stop encouraging ccp to cater to pvers that just farms missions all day while market supply is at it’s lowest in the game’s history

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