Concerning the Birthday Event Combat Site Reward Can: It's broken

CCP it is entirely too easy to steal the reward can with impunity under CONCORD protection. We should have the choice to attack thieves for stealing our loot. Please make it so that if someone enters the second room once someone is already inside, they go suspect if they attack/loot the shipyard. Right now they can just MWD to the can, heat all their stuff and win the DPS race to steal the can without even going suspect.

After the nerf to the Commander’s bounty the site has lost its value if you cant loot the can. Give me the choice to attack the thief.

NOTE: when responding please remember I am literally asking for permission to fight people. Don’t waste my time with arguments based on competition and then argue it shouldn’t be an actual competition. Trolls, once identified, will no longer be responded to.

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So what stops you from doing the same?

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There are many factors which might cause one to lose the DPS race. At that point whether or not you can steal back your own can (going suspect in the process) is entirely up to ping. A thief should HAVE to go suspect to steal in highsec. Your argument is dishonest. I should get to choose if I want to retaliate. The way it is currently set up I can’t. Where’s the player choice in that?

Should go suspect as soon as you enter any site. Why is this not a thing. My advice, goto lowsec and shoot everyone

I don’t agree with it being tied to entering the site.
Criminal Lifestyle is a valid play choice, and it should be. You just shouldn’t get to be a criminal protected by CONCORD in high sec. You should have to be exposed to my reaction. Right now if you steal my can and I attack you for it CONCORD destroys me. That doesn’t feel great. It also doesn’t make sense. I’ve stopped doing the combat sites altogether to not feed the thiefs. If everyone did the same the criminal lifestyle as it relates to these sites dies, because there’s nobody to steal from.

The way CONCORD operates has always offered more protection to criminals then their victims, and it has always been a problem, but in the context of these sites it is particularly egregious. Fine, CONCORD exists to punish criminals, not protect victims. Still the way it operates protects criminals and prosecutes victims. At the very least give me the choice to punish criminals.

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That is a whole lot of words to say “I’m too lazy and clearly not good enough”.

The problem is that you think the site belongs to you because you were the first one there. But it doesn’t.

Either everyone goes suspect for entering the site, including yourself, or get better at the ‘dps race’.


The site belongs to me because I cleared it. Dishonest.

Do you not understand how sites and CONCORD work? It has nothing to do with effort or skill. If I choose to engage CONCORD kills me for the pirate and they don’t even have to fight. Try harder to troll please.

Everyone entering the site going suspect automatically would be more equitable then it currently is, sure, just not in the spirit of high sec I think. I’d be open to the idea though.

You don’t have, you just have to win the dps war. If someone else IS putting in that effort then why aren’t you?

The loot from wrecks belongs to you. But the site, not so much.

Perhaps the spirit of hisec is not what you thought it was.

The sites are consistent with previous events. Loot belongs to the person that makes the kill. Maybe just try stealing the wreck yourself. Then if he attacks you, kill him.

You don’t get it, so I’ll try and spelling it out for you real slow.
Assume you have two identical ships that are identically fit at 0 on the shipyard when it goes vulnerable.
Let’s also assume that both ships are in a perfect state of repair and the weapons are fully loaded, heated with perfect skills, and the drones are deployed and set to aggressive.
Finally let’s assume that both pilots attack the shipyard at the same time, immediately.

Who wins the DPS race in this case comes down entirely to who gets more critical strikes. There’s no effort involved, no skill, whatsoever.

Now, since the can only becomes lootable after the site is completely cleared (or nearly completely cleared, the commander has to be dead) the person there has a choice when a thief shows up. Continue to do the site, clearing it, and putting yourself at a fundamental disadvantage for getting the can OR leave the site entirely to the thief. Both ways the thief wins by default. Anyone who looks at this objectively can see this is poor design, given how CONCORD responds as detailed above.

Consistent with previous event cans, which have long been broken. The rules should not favor one activity or another. I should not lose the can rights because I did 800 damage when someone else did 801. This prevents me from making any meaningful choices about the situation, other then to disengage entirely.

Content which destroys its own participation is no content at all.

I find it really funny how when pirates don’t want to face resistance suddenly everyone is fine with how high sec works, but the minute things are fair they cry murder and ‘calm down miner.’ It’s damn disrespectful. I’m trying to have a meaningful discussion here.

I could be wrong but I think you are asking for someone to run these with you in a round about way.

Otherwise it is simply bad-luck Solo, no Chewie to back you up.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Are you saying solo the pirate should always win? That sounds like what you’re saying.

Sure, we can win the DPS race by bringing more people, but does nobody else think its unhealthy that the pirate is all but immune to retaliation in every other scenario? That is to say nothing of how it cheapens the value of the site for each additional body. It’s not a standard combat site that you can make up the loss with throughput of sites.

I think I begin to see the issue.
You early and Hans-on gamer all about the rIsk reward.
I’m playing a different game, and teasing you a little bit.
You’ll figure something out eventually.

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To a point, yes risk reward is important, but I don’t think it’s the end all be all.

I’m literally asking for the right to fight someone trying to steal from me. That so…backwards. I’m not asking for it to become impossible to steal, I’m asking for the right to be able to actually do something about it if I want to.

You get a like for a response mostly in good faith, now that I understand what you mean.

The site belongs to nobody. You cant make a claim on something you cant or dont legally own. If you would, you could show papers or deeds for that part of virtual space and objects in it.

When you destroyed something, you can claim bounties and loot remains, and that is your reward.
Blame CONCORD if you dont like that.

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