Concerning the Birthday Event Combat Site Reward Can: It's broken

It’s not yours, you don’t own the site just because you found it first or did the most work.

I run into this quite a lot with combat exploration where people just don’t have the dps, use the wrong ship or fit and/or are just lazy or uninformed and they keep losing sites to me. And inevitably they will state, either in local or in a rage mail, about how I stole “their” loot. I didn’t, in most cases the loot is officially owned by me. I’m just more active, more informed and do better than they do.

It’s the same here: if you keep running into people taking “your” loot (which clearly isn’t yours) then perhaps you should rethink what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.


This is a circular argument about a technicality. I could argue CCP owns the site because they have the rights to all things Eve. That doesn’t mean that point is a meaningful distinction.

Also, if you have been to the site first, and would use the tactic of someone getting something from site before you, you could be first to the critical objective, you really need to reconsider the ships or tactics you are using. You already had advantage in being first in site.

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You ignored everything I wrote in my last reply. As such I won’t be responding to you further beyond this last one, as I don’t see you as arguing in good faith.

I disagree that the situation you outlined is the same as what’s happening here, and I outlined in my previous response exactly why that is.

If I had to bet, I’d bet you were the thief who just doesn’t want to work for it. That’s no better then the miner who wants to always be safe in high sec.

The player should always have to work for it.

Clearly they are, just not you.

Because most of what you wrote is whining.

Working on it doesnt have sense with this mechanics, you need to use tactics to get to the loot faster.

If CCP would like everyone to work on it, they would make site bound to one with the key. As they didnt do that, you have to consider the sites are free for all.


False, you don’t have an advantage being first. You have a disadvantage. You have to be in a ship fit for the combat in the site. The rats are already on you. The objective is invulnerable until the site is cleared. Meanwhile the thief can fit their ship specifically to blitz the objective with no threat of retaliation from me, the rats, or CONCORD. The rats aren’t spreading their aggro like they have in previous event sites, at least not that I’ve seen.

This is not a fair game of cat and mouse, where skill, guile or tactics is the deciding factor. That is a problem.

Actually you do. If you are first, you can cloak up, slowboat to the can after landing and wait until someone else warps in, and gets agro and web, then you can go to the can even faster.

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One other note because I do think this is the crux of the problem.
If CCP wanted to make it a level playing field for both the thief and the site runner they could. They have consistently chosen not to.

This is not the same as trying to actually do that site. Besides the thief has this same ability when they warp in, either before or after the site has started. I would not call this an advantage.

You are not giving yourself permission to do this activity in a group.
I suggest to you that is the problem.

On the contrary, I agree that ‘solves’ the problem, but it does so by avoiding it, not fixing it. As I said in my previous response to you, it’s still a problem if the only way the thief/pirate doesn’t have a massive advantage in high sec is if the site runner isn’t alone. This is an activity which should also be dangerous to the thief. It isn’t.

You lost a race? You lost, do you understand that? You are not entitled to always win. Nobody is.


We’ve already address this. Normally I’d agree with you, but the race in this particular case is fundamentally unfair for reasons outlined above.

All these people making arguments based on competition, but who don’t want there to be a fairer or real competition…SMH.

So what are you actually flying? My bet is on some short ranged fit.

The whole game is fundamentally unfair, you won’t make a point with fairness. Actually real life is unfair too. Adapt your strategy to that fact you can’t change.

I give you a hint, obviously the winning part is to win the DPS race (as with most of the previous events), hence you should fit for exactly this, winning the final DPS race.

If you want a fairer environment than highsec, go to lowsec where you can freely shoot whoever contests your actions.


You’re equivocating, and it’s a false equivalence. If a competition is fundamentally unbalanced it’s not a real competition, is it. All I’m hearing is arguments for why pirates should get free loot with no resistance from the rats or the site runner and protected by the shield of CONCORD.

Let me try this another way: why is it better that thieves have no competition in high sec in almost every situation? I promise, I’ll even try to see your reasoning.

Preying on the weak or ignorant does not make one a good player. Balancing your game to those who prey on the weak doesn’t make your game healthy. Giving one side such an advantage as to almost be an instant victory, if applied universally, can only lead to the death of both play styles. You can hang on the word ‘fair’ all you like, it doesn’t actually impact the argument.

So people should go suspect for looting the shipyard?

Well the problem is they have an advantage in attacking the shipyard, and if they do the most damage to it the game considers it ‘their’ wreck and doesn’t flag them, even if they won that race by a tiny amount. In fact it will flag the site runner for picking it up.

18 years game and people still don’t understand simple fact that every site is this game can and will be contested.

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