Damage readout is unreadable with reps

I can move this damage UI box around the screen:
Is there a way of moving the shield reps/energy transfer readout separately from the hits & damage so that both can be read without one writing over the top of the other.

In this example under the reps readout is a single blue hit for 317 - it may be that only 1 drone out of 5 hit the target - but I cannot see this and I have no feedback as to when to swap to different drones

As a former logistics command pilot for my alliance ever since this readout was added to the game, everyone I know who has flown logistics has complained about this. CCP has yet to even address it, let alone take steps to fix it.

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Ahh OK - I thought they were 2 separate readouts & I somehow I managed to group them together

So you’ve overlayed one on top of the other.

Not hard to fix that.

What i have is randomly no data readout on damage inflicted/taken/repaired. Some days it worked perfectly, others nothing at all.

Good news How do I fix it
I tried crtl/alt click & drag - it still moves both damage and reps readouts

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