Logistics Heal Marks

so we’ve been waiting on the “logistics on kills” for like 2 years

we know its difficult to execute since the actual mechanics of how remote repairs are applied is “legacy code” and to be fair unless a logistics hull applied some damage to a target then i don’t really feel that that logistics hull should be on a kill mail.

So how about letting logistics pilots e-peen on what they actually do…HEALING.

every 100k (this figure might need tweaking) of applied reps gimme a heal marker.
i can see the info on the activity tracker, i see the rep notifications scroll by in the notifications.

spend a little time coding some new “killmarks” and apply them onto logistics hulls.

Make Logi Great Again…




getting logi on a kill mail is easy, bunny a drone onto your FC and leave it to do its thing while you do your thing.

Killmarks are “significant” b/c it means someone lost a ship. You went into a fight with someone else, and you safely flew away afterward.

“Healmarks” as you’ve described them could easily be farmed in any number of ways. For instance, assigning a drone to shoot at a Corvette, and you leaving your remote rep going overnight.

Whereas, if you assign that same drone (seeing as EVERY Logi ship can field at least a single drone) to shoot at a target somewhere, you WILL end up on the KMs

kill marks are just as farmable…

Heal marks.



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