Dark Nexxus, Low/High Sec, PvP, PvE

Dark Nexxus is a PvP/PvE corp. We are an ancient, small, very loosely organized group existing since 2006. We are very relaxed and laid back. Our main philosophy is “do whatever you like”. There is no military drill discipline and no mandatory ops. Most people have lives, families etc. Nonetheless, we have a long pvp history including alliance tournament winners and many exceptional solo and team pvpers. Right now we are slowly approaching 15k killmarks in mostly small scale combat. We are recruiting for all time zones. However, we are primarily split between EU and US time zones.

Regardless of your skill level you will find a place to learn and grow, get answers and insight into mechanics of EVE in and out of combat. Between corporation and alliance there is a variety of things to get into – access to upwell structures for industrialists, regular and moon mining ops, nullsec and wormhole space access, pvp roams etc.

Most of our members are 30+. We are looking for mature, drama-free people that do whatever things in the game they enjoy. Interesting and nice personalities from all over the world who strive to become better are the best additions, regardless of their SP level. We are not a group that will spoon-feed you content, but being ready to join spontaneous pvp action if the opportunity arises is highly welcome. We are NBSI and you can find our record here https://zkillboard.com/corporation/200644170/

Right now drkx is dwelling in Sinq-Liason and makes the area around Ney/Ravarin unsafe :wink:

All recruits will be required to register at seat.silentalliance.net. Here you will get access to discord, doctrines, op-schedule etc. Join DNX-channel for a chat or contact Draimin, Organikspace or myself.

Carni o7

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bump :crazy_face:

Some Guristas were pestering our upwells. The only reasonable outcome:



This is one example of our successes


All I can say is that I’m just glad it wasn’t one of the Abomithrons. That would have broken my spirit completely. :stuck_out_tongue:



womp womp

I made a “Looking for a home” post recently… you guys sound pretty interesting! I’ll drop into your in game channel tonight :skull_and_crossbones:

Had some fun with good neighbors


and a BUMP



knock knock

Corp ran a filamenting OP with 15 ppl. Killed few gnosis and a gila.
Apply and become part of the next one :wink:

It was fun!