It seems like Talos, Catalyst and Ibis are the ship of choice in most ganks.

But i think the ENI is misunderstood. When you are rolling around in a battleship you are vulnerable to gangs. These gangs tend to use ENI for a number of reasons. But after this nerf they may choose another ship. So instead of being jumped by 10 ENIs you are going to be jumped by 10 ONIs as if thats better. But lets see.

Here is a fleet of Prophecy Navy Issues doing something. Does it mean the PNI is OP and should get nerfed. Probably not but lets see.

Here is a fleet of Ferox Navy Issues doing something. Will someone pls do something?

I will walk myself out.

Well…for once I actually agree with a comment by you. It is silly. And why ever would one want all ships to be ‘balanced’ in DPS in the first place when they most certainly are not balanced in other respects. OK so the ENI had high DPS…but it also has relatively low EHP…around 30K…compared with say an Augoror which I can get to 82K EHP. And the Augoror has way better tracking too.

Surely the whole idea is that ships have advantages in some areas and disadvantages in others. ‘Balancing’ everything out to some generic sameness makes it pointless choosing one ship over another.

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Sure, but the issue is when there is no downside large enough to make you need to use something else, when any hull becomes the literal defacto answer to multiple scenarios its an issue, nobody is saying it can’t be killed or that other ships can’t also be strong in the right scenario, the issue is when, regardless of the scenario, you’re reaching for the same ship

Well…nobody could accuse the Eagle of being high DPS, yet we get through quite a few of them in Absolute Order as they are doctrine…and I suspect that is a combination of range, assault damage control, and various other factors. I suspect that limiting SRP is also a factor. And, of course, what prevails in any battle depends entirely on what is being fought and how many of them. But they are actually quite effective despite the ‘low’ DPS. Given that CCP often loses the killmails for larger battles…am I really to believe that they have some concise metrics analysis running 24/7 with a Robbie The Robot style ’ It does not compute…nerf this ship’ as the end result ?

They can still see what ships enter and exit a system even if a killmail isn’t generated, the events still happen and are logged so they can, if they have granular enough logging, just replay the battles themselves and see what people are doing and in what

A killmail isn’t the only metric involved no

Eni and caracal were sledge hammering Dessie and frigs. Since of late the new hotness is low sec and fw…it got them skylined…

Party is over.

Welcome to eve. Long ago I trained dual neutocane for its juicy goodness. Till it’s nerf. Other fotm on that list too over the years.

How eve works. Ride that train till the last stop lol. Then find a new train lol.

^This. It is basically how balancing works in most competitive multiplayer games. I also play World of Tanks and War Thunder and whenever a vehicle becomes too ‘popular’, it tends to get nerfed. Then a new fotm vehicle will pop up in its place and likely also get eventually nerfed. It is just how balancing works in these games.

You don’t tend to see one ship in a class start being used more than about 1.5-1.6x as often as others unless there is a good reason. Either it’s really cost efficient, has a tactical wrinkle someone has just figured out, or it’s outperforming as people see it. That’s why FOTM ships, once they reach a certain level of visibility, tend to get nerfed somewhat to a LOT. Smaller, more targeted nerfs help somewhat.

For example, the ENI had a potential DPS on par with or above many battlecruisers. >950 DPS on a navy cruiser with t2 guns and modules, cold and sober, gets people looking at things in a big way, as it’s over the top of what other ships in it’s relative class can do by a wide margin. It literally matched the DPS of a brutix with the same number of damage mods and the same type of turrets, which gets weird in many ways.

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