In the latest patch notes the ENI got nerfed because CCP felt it was too popular.

Is this a good reason to nerf something?

Why do you ask? CCP can do what they want

Another ship will take its place as the most popular or they will nerf ENI until that is the case and they have accomplished what exactly? Genuinely curious :slight_smile:

It was fairly oppressive. And it makes it less powerful as a ganking tool.

I think you are making things up because it was not being used in ganks and it also wasnt the reason given for nerfing it. The only reason given was that it was popular.

Can’t believe I’m replying to this stupid question, but in case it is legit … the main reason for CCP to nerf something is … popularity. If some ship is used more often than others it is a guaranteed nerf at some point.

It seems the only thing you accomplish by nerfing a popular ship is to upset the people who use and/or produce it.

And another ship will eventually become the most popular in which case you have to nerf that and upset people again? What else are you accomplishing?

Youre >20 years too late to be discovering this.

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To anyone who is curious the title is called Darkness because the devs dont seem to know what they are doing. They are fumbling in the dark for >20 years i guess.

Thanks for letting us know, mr. know-it-all

If something is too popular it means that it is too strong. That lead to Wrecking Balls, to Isthars Online, to Svipul Online, to Trig shits online, to Gilas Online, to Muninn Online.

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@Dyver_Phycad At the end of the day one ship will always be more popular than others, for a variety of reasons. By nerfing the most popular one they inadvertently hand the throne to another ship which will be apparent in a few months. Any guesses which one? Or maybe people will still be happy with ENI and thus it will remain popular and it will get another nerf until another ship takes the throne.

Said in another way and as you mentioned many ships have come before the ENI. Its not the first time a ship became the most popular and it wont be the last which is why nerfing a ship just because its popular doesn’t seem to make sense.

Not necessarily. See the HAC meta. No hac is currently a reigning king (if you ignore the Isthar for PVE). People are using all kinds of HACs.

What does not make sense? Take the Muninn situation as example. People were not using any other HAC. All tactics in big fleet warfare revolved around this one single ship. This is not healthy or engaging.


See the HAC meta.

How would one best do that?

All tactics in big fleet warfare revolved around this one single ship.

Is this a bad thing, how is the situation today?

When everyone is using it, yes, it’s time to nerf it.

When everyone is using it, yes, it’s time to nerf it.

Im not sure everyone was using it, but even if that was the case, why is that a bad thing? Genuinely curious

No one can say ‘Drake’? :grinning:

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It’s definitely being used in ganks.

It’s definitely being used in ganks.

Im not sure how you would determine that. I brief look at zkillboard suggests its a favorite in low and null. That was also the reason given for nerfing it. Sad?

It’s pretty much OP anywhere, but it’s a favorite amongst certain high-sec ganking groups as well.