After 14 years of ship destruction being in the game

Why are people still making threads to ask for nerfs instead of getting better (aka adapting)?
Most of us know EVE was never about fairness in pvp, so why do these same people keep insisting?

(I’m trying to understand the motives of people asking for nerfs over a ship loss)


It is just because the nature of this forum gives people illusion that CCP can do something based on what they post when CCP actually never did anything. Even myself sometime fell for that. All they ever did is just to close the thread when it reaches some hundred or thousand posts.


To answer your question, it’s because it’s human nature to take the easy way out and scapegoat the culpability to the nearest object rather than take responsibility.

In the case of actual imbalance not being addressed (like when the game was Ishtars or Svipuls Online), it’s because poor balance creates an oppressive and stale meta.

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There are some players, generally newer, that are don’t understand what type of game they are playing. They don’t realize they are in competition with other players, and when they make a misstep and lose a ship unexpectedly, they declare the game is broken even though exploding ships is a major feature, not bug of this game. There aren’t that many of these I think, and they either learn what type of game this is and stop complaining, or quit, rather quickly.

But most are just butthurt as @Quelza says. They direct their anger outward at others or the game mechanics because they have trouble accepting responsibility or even the possibility that they could have been outplayed by another human. There are many targets for their anger: sociopaths, blobbers, gankers, multi-boxers, overpower ships, their ship is underpowered, “unbalanced” mechanics that make things unfair, corrupt devs… The list is endless, even though in almost all cases, there was nothing nefarious about the loss and they were just unlucky or outplayed.

I’d like to think when most calm down, they realize how silly they were and hopefully learn from their loss a get on with playing the game. There are some personality types that can’t handle losing though, and those are the ones that keep coming back to the forums to complain how they lost something “unfairly” even if they intellectually understand that this is a competitive game where stuff gets lost.


Also because those who adapt or is being just lucky never posted. Edit: it is pretty pointless to post about some thing you think as common sense.


I don’t understand your question. it implies that either it’s alwas the same people, or that the people who play this game think it works as they think it does, but have no clue. Can you rephrase that somehow? as it is i can’t really offer much, except … well…

many people have wrong expectations and/or no ■■■■■■■ clue what they’re signing up for. then the loud, totalitarian minority comes in and demands that everything needs to be exactly how they want it, like the little princesses they are.

something like this?


Compare the EVE of today with the EVE from 10 years ago. Or just read up on all the myriad of changes that made EVE safer.
It’s not an illusion that CCP is watering the game down in favor of catering to dumb people.


This ^


dude, you can apply this train of thought to life in general. You are responsible for your decisions. PERIOD. HTFU or move out of the freaking way.

Yeah, you got it
Sorry if the question isn’t clear :stuck_out_tongue:

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Usually, when I ask for a nerf, it’s because there’s an overwhelming problem that no player skill should be needed for. For example, supercarrier ratting. There’s no PVP aspect there, and no “get better”… it just breaks the economy. Or svipuls, when they were OP, I was not complaining because I was flying them often (still do) but when they got nerfed, all I had to say about it was “I knew that was coming, this ship was OP AF”

Or Rorqual scalability - people cause damage to the economy when they multibox 60 of them.

The rest of the time, I usually ask for buffs. Like the Rook getting an extra low slot, to make armor tanks viable. Or BLOPS not exploding when their pilot sneezes, so that they can be used in fights that are less asymmetric.

Maybe cause CCP still doesn’t know what and how to balance their own things?

Humans are better at adapting the environment than adapting to the environment.
–Dr. Gadget


This is a very important statement. Now what needs to occur is to question why?

I’m going to hit the mark but wont show you the target. That’s for you see for yourself. Upon that realization you can answer op’s question.

How does the average Joe encounter Eve online? The new player,where do they come from?

Who/what is that medium?

How much control does that medium have over the choices CCP makes in their marketing?

When you can answer those questions with honesty,you will have your answer. No it wont cover the span of 14 years but the answer is so relative to today.

Gadget! Where have you been??

The answer, my friend, is because there’s more people with less intellect than the other way round, and those with less intellect are easier to milk. I did write that in a nice way, didn’t i?


Generally speaking people ask for nerfs, deservedly or otherwise, because they got into a fight and it didn’t feel fair in a fun way.

Sometimes that’s because of a lack of competence on the part of the player posting the thread, but other times it’s because a ship is legitimately out of line in some way. For example for both the T3Ds or T3Cs the answer for “what do I do to compete with these things” was pretty much “get one of your own” which is a pretty good indication that something is actually legitimately OP.

Adaptation is all well and good, but when something feels like it should be viable in a situation and isn’t then that’s a possible gameplay issue. Either the usage and role of the thing in question needs to be more clearly communicated or the thing should be buffed until it performs reasonably in that role, given other factors like price, SP, ect, at least.

None of this is to say that every “OMG NERF/BUFF/REMOVE” thread is justified, just that not all of them are wrong and that even if what the person is asking for isn’t a good solution there may still be useful information in there for the devs.


My response to the idea that the devs will act on something if people yell loudly enough is pretty close to something MASH said about answered prayers “sometimes the answer is no”.

Of course game dev being what it is and fans being what they are they can’t actually say that because people will flip out, so they just stay quiet and do other things instead.

Buff underperforming ships, don’t nerf already good ships.


–Lurking Gadget