After 14 years of ship destruction being in the game

There really can be different motivations behind it. The two largest groups seem to be

  1. the carebears, that just don’t want any change and are unhappy for people to use mechanics in ways that makes their life harder (ganking, gatecamping etc.)
  2. the people who want action, but see that for most situations the way to “adapt” is already mapped out and demands a gameplay, which they personally find too boring to be fun

A pretty big difference. Usually they’ll differ in what kind of changes or nerfs they ask for. Group 1 will want wardecs to be crazy expensive and ganking to result in whatever the rage of the day spits out. Group 2 is usually more about shaking things up to make EVE unsafe for everyone again.

Disclaimer: I’m part of Group 2, though I rarely if ever ask for nerfs.

Because not everybody has been playing for 14 years. It’s kinda similar to how after millions of years of walking upright, there are still very many humans who . . . can’t. (Hint: We’re not born able to walk.)

I’d think that after 14 years, you would have figured this out without having to ask in GD. I guess some people just have a hard time figuring things out.

maybe because theres only 15k subs and their 15k alts… at any given time logged in.

I only played 3 years.
I adapted to changes, didn’t complain about how a bunch of frigs obliterated my T3C or how I made a wrong turn in lowsec.

If people can’t learn from the mistakes they made, that’s no one’s problem but theirs lol


Apparently it’s your problem if you’re making a thread to complain about it. I don’t see any threads where complainers complain about their own complaining. I don’t think they have a “problem” with it. Why don’t you adapt to their unwillingness to adapt?

You like it or not, it is just the meta of this forum.

Replace “hipsters” with “ganking” or anything that makes people complain.

Please don’t assume that princesses know what “self responsibility” and vigilantism is. They’re deliberately bred raised in a way that avoids it.


I have to correct you, I made this thread to ask why people were complaining on here when they died.

Go elsewhere with your trolling.

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You don’t know why people complain when they die?

Sadly, those who were actually “complaining on here when they died” wouldn’t read this post :roll_eyes:

I’m curious how these people reacted if this was a coin exchange and the price dropped by a few hundred. I honestly wonder where they’d go cry about their losses (imaginary, because it’s only a loss when you sell for less than you bought, but these irrational people a^re guaranteed panic sellers), when they realized that ■■■■■■■ up has consequences…

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This only works if the under-performing ship is in the minority. If a single class of ships is out of line then it’s simply better to nerf the over-performing ships than to buff literally everything else, which would be a waste of time and more likely to just produce more outliers that then need to be adjusted for down the line.

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Your butt-hurt with Dom is comedy.

For the conversation : Mechanical nerfs work better than item / ship nerfs. For instance a mechanical nerf to make Rorquals impossible to multibox would do a huge amount more to stem inflation than even a 50% yield nerf, since when nerfed the guy just has to add toons to his fleet to achieve the same income as before. You cannot circumvent multibox preventing mechanics unless you bring more actual people.

Secondly,people tend to reach for the forums when they’re at their most emotional. I think if there was a cooling off period between in game death and ability to post we might see a lot less of them (or they would use an alt because EvE).


I think you just won :smiley:

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I didn’t know you or Dom existed until I opened this thread and started reading. Perhaps you and Dom have some sort of need to see other people as emotionally and psychologically weaker than yourselves. That would probably explain your trite and inaccurate observation that I am “butthurt” and it would explain this thread.

“Don’t cry over spilled milk.” is an aphorism precisely because people WILL and DO experience grief over petty things, like accidentally knocking over the pail full of milk after they just milked the cow to fill it up.

That you read no significance into the event is your prerogative. That they DO read significance into the event is NOT YOUR PREROGATIVE.

hth :slight_smile:


But why would someone join a milk-spilling game and then cry about their milk being spilled? That’s the question.


No sorry dude I was just saying how funny your butt-hurt with Dom is. That’s all don’t worry about it.

The spilt milk thing is famous because you actually shouldn’t cry over unimportant things. Just because someone happens to find significance in spilt milk does not make spilt milk all of a sudden worth crying over. Spilt milk is still not worth crying over, and the person who thinks it is worth crying over is wrong, not misunderstood.

Crying doesn’t mean just shedding tears. It also means yelling, i.e. ‘crying out’.
Like you might do if you knocked over a pail of milk you just filled, “FU**!”

–Gadget - no stranger to four-letter crying

It’s more about speed and the dis-allowance for any real, reasonable reaction. If fights lasted longer than 10 seconds most wouldn’t be so risk-averse. PvP is mostly just “Oh sht, jumped through he wrong gate”.

Quadruple HP, slash all dmg by 50%… watch pvp grow like wildfire.

Thank you for finding the solution! It’s so complex, i bet no one else thought about it before you and there aren’t more factors to consider!

Damn! You’re brilliant!