Instead of saying something in EVE got ‘nerfed’ should we just start saying it got ‘Rattatied’ instead?


1st time first to be in before close…

I dont get it.

After CCP Rattati, the developer most responsible for the 18 months and counting of nerfs.


Good freaking idea!!

EVE will not die, it will give up the ghost to Rattati.


lol i dont see why not

this post is begging to be closed…cherish it while its still here

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And what happens when a different Dev takes up the Nerf Bat?

I would hope a different dev would choose to inflate the econ rather than enforce austerity. Just like all the big MMOs, provide new things to buy/build to increase the consumption of ISK rather than trying to stop the supply (which is just removing content from your game).

It’s no wonder players are leaving. Now imagine something like this (purely a daft idea to highlight the principle of inflating up your economy):

  • Black Hole Generator - creates a portal to another system. Takes 6 hours to spin up, but during that time the possible WH link is visible on the map + available via the ESI for alliances to write automated pings around. Gives the invaders/defenders 6 hours to prep for the invasion.

  • Mega Titan / Mothership - T2 titan, requires 10x the resources to build + a titan hull. Only ship capable of fitting a Black Hole Generator. Has to jump through the Black Hole with the fleet which should mean they are at risk regularly.

High resource costs would deplete ore from the game, could make part of the ship/module above require a citadel core e.g. a liquid ISK cost to also deplete ISK. Invasions would bring much needed pvp content increasing ship destruction which further depletes ore supplies. Helps wars happen, no more needing to wait out jump fatigue to move your fleet across the map.

It took 10 years to get us to a point where titans are fairly common. This could give us another 10 years, at which point you inflate up again.

Some other ideas to increase resource costs would be T3 subcaps beyond the strategic cruisers, T3 frigs, T2 dreads/supers etc.

CCP have noted in interviews that they want self-monitoring systems ala ESS/DBS where the game adjusts itself to player activity e.g. too much ratting → reduce DBS to turn down the ISK faucet. If you read between the lines, they’re effectively wanting to create a game which passively looks after itself without needing much dev attention. A passive revenue stream to allow them to go off and do other things with their devs such as supporting the new game the London office is creating.


You failed to address the point I was making.

I’m absolutely sure this thread has a bright future ahead of it. :smirk:



I take a 6 month holiday and see all is as it was.


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I think you meant to say:

Eve will never die… It’ll just be Rattatified… :wink:


This thread is going to get Barstorloded.

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less titans… not more… titan proliferation helped to hurt the game.

If you are proposing T2 titans, then I suggest only two can ever be created at a time, similar to palatine keeps.

im in favor of a super titan similar to a palatine keeps… one so expensive and so work intensive only one or 2 entities in the game could build and none would
the ultimate "do you have the balls to build dat ? " achievement

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That’s not inflating up to increase consumption, you’re describing an entirely different design; prestige mechanics. They’re definitely important too, but not what Eve needs right now to help balance the economy.

To use an analogy, imagine if they were more like Trig ships, Trig ships are strong so people build them, because people build them Abyssals remain good content because the resources dropped within Abyssals are being consumed. Imagine if Trig ships were not strong, you’d start to develop an overabundance of Trig components, at that point should you A) add new Trig ships or buff them to increase consumption or B) nerf drops from Abyssals? The current Scarcity approach is option B). I’m advocating for option A).

In other words, we have too much ISK/resources entering the game, CCP are trying to slow down the entry of those resource where really what we need is more ways to SPEND THEM. That is what Brisc, Goons etc mean when they talk about inflating up. Its exactly what you see in other MMOs e.g. WoW adds new mounts/gear with ever increasing gold costs.

Prestige can come later, lets get the game back on track first!

You can only nerf so many specialized niche activities in a game over the years until there is nothing much left for players to do, nor spend any money on.

It’s pretty much impossible to get back on certain things once it’s changed.


ibtl :smiley:

Thanks for the correction. You found the words I failed to nail.


You stop logging in and paying to play EVE, CCP will find some customer appreciation in 2 seconds or less. Don’t come to this forums and to complain unless you are willing to back up your complaints with actions. Rattati can tell you the customer to “unsub, you will be back” because he has the confidence that you will only rant or complain on the forums and take no other actions against CCP. Fun in EVE wont return until everyone un-subs and logs off. Stop thinking about the glory days in EVE, get off your ass and start saving the sandbox. UN-sub and staying logged out of the sandbox is the only path back to fun in the EVE sandbox. CCP is now home of the no more fun DEVS. You want to have fun in EVE your are going to have to pad Rattatis bonus check. CCP will now be selling mineral pack and BPC bundles for those that want to do industry in EVE. Rattati and the no more fun DEVS took out over 14000 points of making money in EVE for reason. Its no longer a conspiracy theory but advertised fact used to mock every customer in EVE. Rattati and the no more fun DEVS nerf the game to milk fools out of their money. CCP knows they have you fools hooked so bad that they can ■■■■ on the customers anytime they want and the customers are dumb enough to continue to log in and send CCP money.