CCP Rattati on a stream talking about economy

The below is not a comprehensive summary. The points only list a few pain points that I noticed.

At 17:00 he hints at a drastic change that will come soon and that will change the landscape for a lot of people. After that redistribution might start.

At 22:40 he’s talking rubbish yet again. He blames the increase in available minerals for the super cap and titan proliferation. The available minerals were increased long before a certain other number of things was changed that actually enabled the supercap and titan proliferation. Rorquals and Engineering complexes. Without these 2 things (and dockable supers/titans in Keepstars), these huge amounts of available minerals would have not been turned into objects. That he does not mention them as actual reason why the number of these ships exploded, calls into question his entire argument that he’s has an idea about the economy and state of affairs.
The other thing that he mentions in this same time frame is that no one foresaw that titan and super numbers would explode so much, when in fact every player with 1 braincell told CCP that this would happen.

At 31:00 he talks about how Amarr has become a secondary hub thanks to Niarja. Amarr has been the second biggest hub for over a decade. And looking at the numbers, Amarr is actually hurting and not profiting from Niarja:
Even with the increase from mineral price spikes, Amarr is going down again. I would really like to know where Rattati gets the idea from that Niarja did Amarr any good.

At 42:00 he says that ratting income for “normal players” has not changed a lot due to DBS, only for the “major ratters”. I wonder if he knows where the “normal players” rat that they are unaffected by the DBS. They rat in the same systems where the big time ratters are active because those are the systems where the only worthwhile anomalies are present in large enough numbers that you can chain them without having to wait 20 minutes between each anom in worthless systems. Something he forgot to take into consideration, too.

At 44:00 he says something very interesting. He admits that small time traders were hit the hardest by the market changes from a year ago. If memory serves, CCP stated back then that small time trades would be less impacted by their changes because they only occasionally trade and don’t do it as their main activity (or something like that). Funny to see how – yet again – exactly that case materializes that more knowledgeable players predicted that it would happen. Moreover: “Think about the little guy” is no longer an empty meme phrase. It now has solid proof from CCP itself that they suffer more from (some) of their changes.

At 45:30 he laments that he misses discussions and conversations with the community on the forums. That he misses throwing out some ideas, having a debate with the community on forums and then come up with solutions to brought up issues. This is the same guy that said last year that CCP doesn’t want to give players and CSM advance notice on changes anymore so that people can’t respond preemptively to planned changes any longer, to prevent market manipulations and theorycrafting of big alliances. Now he wishes to reintroduce that again.
He goes on to say that the developers would take good and constructive feedback from players into account. This is very funny considering that CCP has ignored good and constructive feedback from players for the past 6 years. See the above points for examples.^

At 48:20 he talks about “unfortunate monetization paradigms” in the western gameworlds and that “we don’t need to name names”. I wonder if he includes EVE in his list where you pay subscription and still have content behind another paywall.
And they want to find a good spot where CCP doesn’t exploit players and be helpful to players with good starterpacks et al.

At 51:20 he muses about the PA acquisition and considers it a strategic activity from PA to figure out what works in the west because EVE is a 17 years old game that’s still around. That high age of EVE must mean, according to him, that CCP has done something right.
He also considers BDO a “fantastic, well designed MMO”, while BDO’s community considers it a ridiculous grindfest with lots of P2W and whale-nurting imbalance.

At 59:00 he talks about how it is anti-climactic to join a game, say you want to fly a ship and not be able to because you need to train. He thinks that this is an aspect that is unique to EVE. Does this guy even play other games. Virtually EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. IN. EXISTENCE. works in the exact same way. I cannot just go into Witcher, FA, CP77, BF, COD, Forza, Ori or something else and use the high end content from the start. This is not how any game works, you have to work for it to be able to use the better/best swords, jumps, techniques, guns, cars, etc.
He even goes so far as to say that with SP grinding, EVE would not have these issues. That shows that he does not understand the benefits of EVE’s skill progression compared to SP grinding. Moreover, it shows that he does not understand that SP grinding is much more frustrating than EVE’s SP progression because you do not progress when you do not play and if you play, you have to grind through the ever same activities just so that you can progress tiny amounts.

At 1:15:00 some recapping starts.

  • Rattati is happy with bounty numbers and ESS. ESS reserve bank keys will be distributed in “content”. ESS RB keys will never be sold for PLEX.
  • WH resource redistribution will be big part of the next step.
  • Rattati has big fantasies about PI. He dreams about 4X-things. Demand will be increased soon.
  • Hypernet is not literally gambling, it’s raffles. Rattati sighs profusely. He also thinks that most people are not bothered by it and if you don’t like it, you don’t need to open it.

At 1:20:00 they start talking about how new players should be able to participate better in industry and how that could be achieved. Rattati has some very interesting perspectives on this subject. He also asks for suggestions on how to improve industry and getting industry for new players.


Thank you for the summary!

Don’t take it as a summary. I am skipping large parts of his talk because it’s mostly empty phrases again. What I list above are only my biggest pain points with this guy’s talk.


You have any idea on what is this last “huge” change in the economy/resources is going to be? He did say that it was going to change the game’s landscape, I believe.

He did not say a thing about it beyond the hinting at it. The stream doesn’t have any information on this. Again. Like his the last time when Rattati promised more info on Resource Redistro and then nothing ever was mentioned about it.

I wonder what Dr. Eyjo would have to say about the current state of Eve’s economy.


He would probably be happy. He would have been very unhappy with the state of EVE before Rattati took over and wrecked the economy after Hillmar’s greed to get CCP sold wrecked it a first time. I bet he would have been much more unhappy about the EVE since Rorqual changes than he is now.

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While you most certainly have some good points, this is a very one-sided and extremely pessimistic opinion piece. I think you are recklessly and purposely misrepresenting and misinterpreting information. Moreover, you state your opinions as facts, which robs the post of any credibility it may have had.

The only thing you will achieve with posts like this is that the devs will stop being so readily willing to join shows like this and talk about their work.


+1 to this

edit: i have strong feelings about this
to me the fall of niarja was the single worst thing that happened to eve since i start playing
i hate it soooo much


Yeah. They lurk on reddit where the intelligent Eve conversations are, not defamatory sentences articulated at a high Kincaid level.

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if you go back and look at his history, that’s all he’s done is bitch and moan and whine and shed salt over any changes CCP’s made… i honestly dont know why da ■■■■ he’s still playing.


Having watched your stream I’m not particularly impressed by the summary. People will always interpret things through their own frame of reference and their own biases. When someone all someone has is an axe to grind, everything looks like a tree.

I hope CCP continue to make themselves available to community programming and dont consider these toxic fools representative of the community.


I am terribly sorry but there is nothing else to his announcements. He is happy about ISK flood from risk-free PVE, he does not know or ignores real reasons for the bad economy, he misrepresents facts and developments.

Please point out passages where I misrepresent and misinterpret information. As best as I can tell, I have quoted his words from your stream. If that drives away developers from the forums, they should probably think about what company they are working for. Because this company has been doing what you accuse me of for years.

It’s not a summary, as I clearly state in the first post. It’s only a list of major pain points that I noticed during the stream. As for the “toxic fools”: It was these toxic fools that warned CCP repeatedly about the consequences of their actions when they introduced the Rorqual changes, the capital changes, the structures and many more things that would negatively impact the economy for no good reason from a gameplay perspective. These toxic fools did that to save EVE and keep EVE great and make it better. CCP ignored all their advice that was presented to them in a structured, constructive and conversation-inviting way. Guess what happens when you do that repeatedly and then start to cry about the game, the economy and then start to blame the players for the state of the game.


You post nothing BUT negativity and one sided opinionated silliness, on everything. So it’s just business as usual and you can easily be ignored and nothing would be lost. In fact I’ll do just that.


In this case, he’s right though.


Broken clock, even if it were true, is still broken. No point in checking it for the time or paying attention to.


Maybe, but I wouldnt even have known about this stream (of lies) if it hadnt been for this post.

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I do? Care to point out where Rattati said something positive? Or something of substance with regards to their plans? He promised to tell us more about their redistributon plan in September 2020. Nothing has happened since then and he again only vaguely pointed at things “going well”. And where did I post opinions? As far as I can see I did not put forth any opinions. In contrast, I only repeated what Rattati said and pointed out where he is wrong or intentionally misleading. If that is “one sided opinionated silliness”, so be it. That means it’s not my opinionated silliness, but Rattati’s and CCP’s. :slight_smile:


Dunno, I watched the stream live and have been rewatching it now. Many things they talk about I don’t fully grasp (being new and not having done them) but when they talk about being new to the game, not being able to do much at the start and how it making you feel useless I DO have a good idea and personal experience.

That is talked about at the 59 minute point and what he says just makes good sense. The OP’s version of that makes NO sense whatsoever, it’s obviously and purposely misrepresenting it in a super negative way. So for the ONE thing I have a decent idea about the OP is 100% wrong, to me that’s 1 out of 1 and combined with his normal Negative Andy rage posting means there’s no point in interacting with that player.