Rorquals are saving EVE

While I understand the concerns of multiboxing rorquals, looking at it from an economic standpoint goons are actually saving eve’s economy by pumping out trillions in minerals every month. Since botting supers/titans obviously are still around, they generate isk at a ridiculous rate.

This surplus of isk puts a lot of pressure on the market, and causes hyper inflation. If anyone still remembers the 20-boxing nyx bots, you might remember that they generated trillions of isk per year. And all of that was just from one person botting them for RMT purposes. Now think about how many RMT botters there are, and all of those obvious RMT contracts in jita for t1 frigs at 70b isk each.

If it wasn’t for rorquals pumping out minerals on such a massive scale, our t1 ships would probably have unbearable prices. Instead of the price increasing, the only thing that increases is the quantity of ships that exist in eve.

Unfortunately, ships that are unique (i.e AT ships, Lottery ships, Amarr championship ships) will rise in price because of NYX BOTTERS but we’re too poor to afford them anyways

Uh… Goons lost a lot of botters in that brief but juicy Yulai Colosseum event. Saying they save EVE is a little bit disingenuous, even if this post is meant to be irony.

Sorry, i meant only rorquals i guess

How many? I only saw at most… two?

4 Goon supers, 3 Goon carriers, 1 Goon titan, and a number of battleships.

Spod will become the new isk

I’ll posit that - intended by the game devs or not - Rorquals have been a good counter to rental/botting empires. They have allowed Goons and more recently also Test to build a supercapital force large enough to counter Panfam.

the problem with this idea is: They actually don’t stop at just “countering” botting. They decrease prices for T1 stuff all around. This will lead to mining becoming less and less profitable over time and it will force CCP’s hand at some point (remember the prices before Gunmining was removed?).

Rorqmining = Gunmining, just that they can’t remove it with a snip this time arround. They need to consider increasing the demand in other ways.

We will see this dramatically increasing once goons have saturated their capital forces, which may or may not happen soon, but it will happen eventually if noone interferes.

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