Davidsbund - Corporation for individualists looking for company or assistance

Hello there! =)

This is the ad currently active ingame. At the bottom some information about myself.

You have been playing Eve for a while, self-sufficient and solo for the most part?
You’re a mature player with a relaxed attitude yet interested in a diversity of activities and in the more advanced content of Eve?
You’re completely fine playing solo, even if most Eve players tell you, you can’t or shouldn’t?

But from time to time you think, that it would be nice to have some company - maybe you just got an escalation for a DED site in LowSec and you’re afraid to go or you’d wish for some assistance exploring a wormhole, maybe you want to try some of the lower Abyssal Sites in a frigate fleet,…

If you could answer most of these questions with a yes, maybe Davidsbund could be an interesting find!

We don’t care for skillpoints or ISK per hour, real life always goes first and I really mean that!

A couple words about myself (at the moment it’s just me and my alts here, but who knows where this leads to…=))
I started playing Eve years ago and my oldest character has about 30 million skillpoints. Everything above applies to me. I’m completely fine playing solo and I don’t mind running in a trap and getting outnumbered in an expensive ship from time to time, it’s a part of Eve and this makes it spicey and interesting. =) I try to do different things on a high and demanding level to keep myself interested in the game, although if it’s not the most “profitable” way to play the game. But honestly I’m past the point, where I really care about ISK. =)
At the moment my focus is on exploration (occasional Solo PvP if I can engage on my terms and the risk is acceptable, combat exploration sites HS/LS, sleeper sites [hacking and the combat ones in WH space]), Abyssal Sites, some industry and trading on the site, mostly to utilize the things I find with my main character… But I’m always open to find new stuff to do.

Although I really looked for a corp quite some time that fulfills my needs in some occasional assistance or company, I haven’ t found something suitable.

Maybe there’s more people like me out there?
Looking forward to get in touch with you, if you feel addressed! =)
All the best for you out there!

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