[..DBD] Dangerous By Design. - New Player Friendly - PVP - Factional Warfare - EASY ISK

Hi there!

We’re Dangerous By Design, an amarr factional warfare corp dedicated to blowing sh!t up!

We’re open for any new players or older players to join and are all about making isk, blowing stuff up and having fun!

What can we offer YOU?

  • Ability to make LOTS of ISK whilst blowing others up!
  • Lots of roaming around the warzone and killing people!
  • Access to cheap FACTION ships due to our LP with Amarr!
  • An endless stream of content!
  • Chilled out memberbase that loves to have fun!
  • Experienced players to help guide you to be an amazing pvper!
  • We got your back when it comes to buying ships!

Feel free to send in an application to corporation and it will be accepted!
If you would like to know more feel free to chill in our recruitment chat (…DBD Recruitment) or mail Quinlin Harpy!



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