DCII vs. Capital Emergency Hull Energizer II

I see revelation fits using one or the other.

Can someone explain which they think is better on a revlation and why?

I am leaning towards Capital Emergency Hull Energizer over Damage Control 2.

Any insight appreciated, thanks.

As long as you have the capacitor to activate it, you gain 15 seconds grace period after which you are dead. The CHE only works when active but then it provides a massive hull resistance bonus for a short period of time.
The DCII does not require cap and works always because it is a passive module and it provides some resistance to armor and shield, too. The downside is that its hull resistance bonus is not nearly as strong.

As it is with all things in EVE, the advantages are situational. The CHE, for instance, is great when you hot drop something where you expect titan response. The CHE can prevent you premature death from a titan doomsday or super cap heavy fighter damage volley and give you the necessary time to kill your target.
The DCII is better for uses that require resistances for longer than just 15 seconds.


Do you expect to be in a very large fight in which you can die within seconds when shot at?

No. Im setting up a subcapital anti-gank fit for travel

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