Dealing with frigates in lvl4 missions as raven

I can’t use T2 launchers yet (no improved missiles for me yet), drones blow up pretty fast, and my missiles kill battleships faster than frigates :flushed:
I am trying to decide between guidance computer/enhancer, webifier, or target painter?
With default missiles, which would help more against small and fast ships?

Golem and 2 target painters.

The webifier doesn’t really work because you would have to wait for the frigates to land right on top if you. Target painters help with signature radius. There are rigs and implants that can improve your explosion velocity.

I would love to. Still working on the skills to fly Raven well though

T2 fit Typhoon and spare 1.5b isk.

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Use your MJD to pull range. Your cruise missiles can reach over 100Km - even with modest skills and the frigates will take more damage when they are burning directly toward you and have 0 angular velocity. Make sure you have Target Navigation Prediction ( explosion velocity) and Guided Missile Precision (explosion radius) trained to level 4.

When shooting frigates & destroyers I would ungroup my launchers and give each their own target. If you get a hit - 1 missile will be enough!


@Mary_Jane_Insane has a good point - the Typhoon, with a bonus to cruise missile explosion velocity works really well with a target painter blooming the frigate’s signature.
But that involves training the Minmatar ship line and the Typhoon normally has an armour tank. Or at least mine does.

So, for the Raven - since that’s what you are currently using. Definitely a Guidance Computer with a precision script in it. Target painter to augment that and, as a final “there were a lot and they got close to me” step a webifier. But I am aware that all that and a prop-mod of some form, possibly with a Large Micro Jump Drive, is rather going to fill the mid-slots removing space for tank.
Which is an argument for the Typhoon…

An explosion velocity and explosion radius rig will do you more good than a simple damage boosting rig. Additionally, a missile guidance enhancer of some sort in the low slots will also help.


The ‘default’ way I used to deal with frigs in my raven (and later raven navy) was T2 light drones, while killing the BSes/BCs/cruisers let the frigs close then drop the drones to clean up. Once you’re able to field 5x T2 hobs (as an e.g., warriors work too) you shouldn’t have any more issues with frigates.



Rattlesnake. Sentry drones will kill even small targets quite efficiently , because of 0 transversal. Missiles will not gain any efficiency vs smaller targets because of transversal speed.

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I carry drones for frigates.

Angular velocity does not count with missiles that’s for guns only.

Missiles only take into account, sig radius, speed of target, explosion velocity, explosion radius. Other than that for application it’s about range and resist of target.

So you have all the gory details and calculataions:

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Cruise missiles are never going to properly apply to small fast ships. You need to use you light drones. Train them properly and use the right drones ie damage type. I fly a golem and even with 2 TP’s its not efficient. People have suggested changing ships, it won’t help. light drones are what you need. Train them and thier support skills and you good to go.

NPCs eat light drones like popcorn.

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Yea, if you send them 50km out. I haven’t lost any drones in missions to npc. They never get sent more than maybe 15km and you need to watch to see if they take damage.

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Light drones are the ones you’ll want to use against frigates. Using Cal Navy Cruise is better option overall than trying to use the T2 precisions for smaller ships.

I use a Ultra Passive RNI fit, and One shot with my cruises take most frigs down. depending on frigs, it will take two volleys.

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