Dear EVE, here is why I say goodbye

(Tipa Riot) #23

That’s a good post. The content creators, FCs, group, corp, alliance leaders are the people CCP should support in the most possible way with tools/features and reducing the burden and entry barrier to be and keep one.

(Ptraci) #24

Apparently OP thinks EVE can only be played in a capital ship. Bye bye OP. I don’t even want your stuff.

(Keno Skir) #25

You can already grind SP by performing in space activities. You can do any in space activity and spend the ISK on SP.

I’ll take it.

(Keno Skir) #26

What you were doing must have been fun… …

Interestingly, of the 107 buddy trial links i have provided 17 have later subbed. This places my success rate at approx 18%. This is obviously much higher than the 0% success rate you posted. Do you think this has anything to do with the fact that i show new players how to have fun from day 1, rather than telling them how useless they are until they buy a pile of PLEX like you probably did.

(LouHodo) #27

EVEs greatest flaw is not the skill system. Or the missions, or any of that.

It is its reputation as a spreadsheet game.

90% of the gamers I know from any number of MMOs all look at EvE the same way. They see the game and say it looks boring and nothing more than a spreadsheet game. And they would be mostly right from the outside looking in.

It isnt until you play EvE for about a month that you start to see what EvE is. It helps to join a corp, get out of hi-sec and learn the game from several aspects.

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #28

I mean actually earning say 5k, 10k, or 20k skill points through completing specific objectives that are similar to what the agency offers.

An example would be kill x amount of NPC Battleships for 5k SP then double that amount for 10k and so on.

(Wander Prian) #29

CCP already tried that and they took it down as it wasn’t having the desired effect

(Tipa Riot) #30

Just to emphasize, if you make the game progression faster … people have less time to create an own “end game”, because there is none, given by the game itself. So you reach that point earlier where you can do everything you ever wished … theoretically … and then what? You still have no clue what to do. Get good at something? Yeah, but this takes real life training time and dedication …

(Ptraci) #31

You can do that today.

(Skill Injector Cost / NPC Battleship ISK payout) = number of NPC battleships you have to kill for 150k SP (or whatever level you’re at)

No need to reinvent stuff. Earning skill directly is just laziness on your part.

(Varanik Rendz) #32

You have clearly forgotten what your “early days” were like. 165m ISK is simply not achievable for a 2-3month old player let alone 1 month. Please keep it mind these are NEW players, they would not have the know-how or game knowledge to train perfectly into “ISK making” skills that would warrant such profits so early in the game. Yes of course you will find people in null making that much ISK in couple of nights… but last i checked, successful solo null ratting requires a good 3 months invested purely into combat skills. Once again being a NEW player they are likely to lose their “oh so precious” ratting/mining vessel and probably go backwards in ISK profits. I think what a lot of people are forgetting here is the NEW PLAYER part.

(Keno Skir) #33
  1. Please don’t project your early experience onto me, hisec is bursting with loot for a new player to steal with next to no SP and only a basic knowledge of scanning. This is even easier these days because people use 100mil drones.

  2. Absolute new players in a decent nulsec alliance will not be anomaly ratting. The clever ones will spend the first week following carrier ratters around salvaging and looting the crap they leave. In my recent experience it would take a rookie maybe one or two evenings of this to buy a small skill injector and have change left for a fitted vexor.

I’m not saying it’s cheap, i’m saying it should be a thing to work toward rather than a staple consumable of new players. I maintain 165M is not crazy expensive.

(Nunosh) #34

but he’s giving away stuff? let me go to the queue loool

(Sindara T'Soni) #35

Sorry, but you are totally wrong on the “165m ISK is simply not achievable for a 2-3month old player let alone 1 month”.

I am a genuine new player with an account less than 2 months old, I belong to no Corp and have earned all of my ISK solo, and paid for none, and I have well over 1 billion ISK.

Too many times on these forums people speak on behalf of new players without actually being one, and it’s a very bad habit.

(Donnachadh) #36

As others have stated NO to directly earning SP simply by killing things.
If you want to grind for SP then make use of the system already in the game, grind for ISK / LP and then use that to buy SP.

Better yet CCP should simply remove the skill injectors from the game entirely they were and are a terrible idea that has no place in EvE. Why yes that is a bitter vet thing, thank you for noticing. But then it is also based on those new players I have seen rage quit because they buy their way into the SP needed to fly an expensive ship, then they buy that ship with plex they bought for real money and when they lose it because they personally do not know how to fit and fly it they get mad at the game and quit.

High sec may be bursting with loot, however to prevent that loot from destroying the markets of EvE CCP adjusts the loot tables so that the cheap, some say worthless items like metal scraps become the majority of what drops.

How many hours a day did you have to play to make your first billion?
I will not dispute you claim of having a billion ISK because I have seen it happen, however what I will say is that after more than 8 years in the game you are for lack of a better way to put it not normal for a “new” player. The vast majority of the new players I have known, worked with or who passed through a corp I have had a character in took significantly longer than 2 months and many of them took well over a year.

Essentially what I am saying here is that you are as bad as those who claim to know what being a new player is like because you are most definitely not a typical new player.

(Keno Skir) #37

Someone better tell Geckos and high priced tags, i think they missed the memo.

I agree skill injectors should be removed, but they won’t :confused:

(ImGayPwnd) #38

Can I have your stuff?

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #39

It actually would motivate people to earn the extra skill points by being active and for the amount of time they invest actually put in space. This could be easily implemented with the agency system that is out there. These small earnable SP would be great for people who unable to afford the small skill injector.

I am sure you don’t like this idea because you are a skill point farmer which I can understand why it would make you upset.

(Wander Prian) #40

Again, CCP already did this and removed the feature soon after as it wasn’t making players act like they were hoping for and it lead to players think they HAD to log in every day to get the SP instead of logging in to have fun.

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #41

Honestly, that was a long while ago and was before Alphas. I personally loved having the reward of logging and getting out in space each day.

(zluq zabaa) #42

Hi OP and thanks for your well written and thought-through post. As a relatively new player I can completely agree with both your analysis and your conclusions. It is really interesting to read these thoughts from a former long-term player who is a new player again.

Also it is refreshing to read about this topic without any stench of bittervetness, because you make it sound as if with logically layed-out arguments or real first person reports we could convince CCP to swiftly and decisively take action.

My personal motivation to join EVE was some expectation that I will be able to challenge myself in a new way and learn something from it. The reason I play less and less is exactly because EVE isn’t that challenge. It is just a pretty complex, yet mostly foreseeable set of equations in which the amount of invested time weighs far too heavy compared with other factors. EVE is like PGP: you can’t break it in time, but that doesn’t mean it contains something interesting.

When I joined EVE a bunch of my friends knew or knew about the game and spoke with a mixture of respect and awe about it, for being supposedly intellectually challenging and quite harsh. That flair is gone. Everyone I know who tried it out quickly lost interest after hitting the wall of Skill progression and thereby content progression.

This isn’t just bad for new players. Many of the older bros I met early on in-game left as well, due to lack of challenging content apart from rare encounters with newer players who are not yet poisoned with the venom of risk adversity. The issue here is that risk adversity is a logical consequence of slow Skill progression. Once new players understand the importance of SP and how massively disadvantaged they are, they’re more likely to avoid PVP or at least avoid risky PVP. Would you go in the ring with a boxer 20 pound heavier, a head higher, generally better condition and 10 years of experience, while you just learned how to bind your bandages? I didn’t think so.

I know a bit about that feeling now: seeing a newbro in local and, unless he is really looking for a fight, not being overly interested providing him content, since it is all too foreseeable and punching someone in the face whose hands are bound behind his back strangely doesn’t provide me a feeling of being good at something. Maybe he is smart and can turn the odds in his favor a bit, but I will still deal and apply more damage, tank better, my ship is faster, more agile, less prone to run out of cap and so on. All of that on top of the fact that I’ll probably have a bit more experience. For him to catch up he needs to train support skills for a year. Yay, that surely motivates people. Lol CCP, just lol.

When talking about it, the usual replies by the community like htfu don’t do any good. It’s just lame hearing it from a Dev or from someone who has been collecting SP and ISK for ten years. Its inherent logic is “I suffered through it, so you should suffer too”. As if this way of doing things was ever good for anyone. Instead it is the bitter ideology of people who are unhappy if next generations have it better than themselves. Talk about toxic atmosphere.

Surely there are a bunch (I would say with certainty: not the majority) of players who actively care about new players without trying to use them for personal gain or to polish their own ego. But even these few gems in the community can’t provide any reason to climb the ISK and SP wall for years to come.

That being said the damage has already been done. Even if CCP reacted immediately, it would take a huge effort to convince the world that this game isn’t anymore just another rip-off that tries to bind customers through frustration and entices them to pay more and more real world money to be a little less disadvantaged. Maybe, maybe there is a chance, but any logic would imply that CCP already settled with not trying to open EVE up again, but rather keep things like they are and slowly let it fade away.