Dear fellow capsuleers, an inquiry I may?

I am asking this to capsuleers of all every factions and empires, it is an attempt to strike an enmity-free conversation.

In your daily travels/battles/expeditions/crusades/etc among New Eden’s stars, what is your signature ship of choice if you are to choose one?

Each ships and its originating factions have their unique tactical and strategical values as well as equipment that one can utilize, thus I wanted to open up a place for capsuleers to boast taste on their vessels.

Of course many capsuleers may not rely on one hull and features alone however that means you are still allowed to share at least one of them.

Also many capsuleers can be wary that displaying one’s ship of choice would mean revealing their tactical secrets as well as its weaknesses.
I understand such concerns and I can assure you that you don’t necessarily need to share your every secrets and you are also free to just browse.

As of myself, I…definitely disapprove of Serpentis Corporation not because of their booster development but rather of their alliances with slavers of the Angel Cartel and the use of such means in their pursuit of profit, however I found myself enamored with their serpentine colossus that is the Vindicator.

Considering that they are designed to be of intimidating presence against the trespassers of their assets, the Vindicator truly lives up to its purpose by using the Serpentis’ traditional tactics of Webbing their opponents and pulverizing them.

Not only the Vindicator is a terrifying force in battle, its shadowy green hull combined with pale gold emblem of its originating manufacturer is truly a tantalizing sight.

The interior, compared to original Gallentean Megathron which is a terrifying behemoth of its own right, are equipped with more lavish accommodations which is understandable because this breed of ships often houses the veteran naval captains of Shadow Serpentis which the corporation often rewards them with exceptional luxuries they can offer.
Indeed the Vindicator is like a gilded serpent when faced in battle, one simple mistake of going too close to the ship will result in your unavoidable demise.

I have been privileged to own one of such magnificent beauty myself, and I intend to use it only during most dire of need.

I may not have any respect on V. Sarpati’s methods and his predatory corporate stance, but I can definitely respect his sense of genius in his choice of his army’s equipment.

There’s quite a few ships that I make use of under various circumstances. I have reason enough to turn to the Abaddon, the Armageddon, the Zealot, the Crucifier Navy Issue, the Punisher, and many more ships in my warzone operations, but there’s one that has recently elevated itself above the rest: The Harbinger.

This pick isn’t a surprise to anyone who has flown with or against me in the last few months. As a fleet commander in the warzone, I need toughness, versatility, and reasonable mobility, all of which the Harbinger offers in addition to a strong offense and a low cost, allowing me to have a fleet of them available at all times.

The Harbinger isn’t the biggest and toughest ship that gets deployed in my operations. It’s also not hardest hitting nor is it the fastest, but it has served as the workhorse of my fleets since February with no sign of being replaced.

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Whilst I have significantly diversified the amount of starships I operate currently, one design has been a constant favourite of mine throughout my career as an independent starship captain and eventually became known as my signature vessel to friend and foe alike during my service in the State Protectorate. Those that have operated with me will know of my at times impassioned fondness of the starship below.

It is an excellent and economical vessel, one with splendid capabilities in fleets, small squadrons as well acting on it’s lonesome. It’s ability to engage targets at tremendous distance is unrivalled amongst it’s peers, as well as the fire control system enabling phenomenal performance for the primary armament. Whilst it does have it’s weaknesses, most notably the lack of robust defences that is common amongst the destroyer classification, it has served me and my comrades well and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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Can confirm.

For our part, the arty Thrashers are a staple that show no sign of going anywhere soon.

Personally, I love my breachers and my battle bellicose. The breacher, in a duel rep configuration, can tank most ships in it’s class long enough for the rockets to do their job.

The Bellicose I just find fun to fly. No real reason. It’s not the fastest or most powerful, hell even it’s EWAR abilitys don’t compare to the others in usefulness. But most people don’t fly them and they need love too.

Minmatar ships tend to be utilitarian in design and inexpensive to fly.

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A combat scan capable Sentinel fit I have designed for purpose is probably the most signature ship I’ll ever have. I have had success with it at a proof-of-concept level, but sadly I won’t be able to improve on my technique for a while.

I also prefer the Cynabal and Confessor for dealing with smaller squadrons of non-capsuleers.

The Harbinger Navy Issue

Well, on this latest deployment, the ship of choice has been pretty simple. After all, we’re flying Ishtars and Guardians, so…

But more coming when I get back to 1DQ.

Ever since the existence of the Triglavian Collective became known to the inhabitants of New Eden I have been actively acquiring,incorporating and utilising triglavian ships and technology to the point that I hardly make use of vessels belonging to other factions. I now own one of each triglavian vessel including models enhanced by the four empires but my go to vessel remains the Leshak, it’s very sturdy,fast,adaptive in its module configuration and it’s sheer damage output is second to none.

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This thread may interest you: Tell us about your flagship

I have recently replaced my signature ship of choice after it was destroyed.

Axii Ston Momaki II is virtually identical to its predecessor apart from a different SKIN:

The Astero is my ship of choice because it was designed for search and rescue as well as exploration.

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:blue_heart: The Kestrel :blue_heart:

As pointed out above, since we already have a thread about favourite ships, I guess I’ll go over preferred ships this time.

I like to be mobile and I like to be able to adapt. So, Minmatar ships are a natural choice in almost any weight class. Additionally, Angel Cartel designs appeal to my need for speed, and often you can see me in a Machariel or Cynabal. Prowler and Leopard are other favourites of mine, Prowler when you need to move something discreetly and fast, and Leopard when you just have to be somewhere yesterday.

I favour Minmatar and Minmatar-inspired ships because they suit my style and preferences. Other empires and organizations designs do have their own strengths and merits of course, usually in the forms of more firepower or durability or specific niches, like surveying deadspace and enhanced database intrusion abilities, and it would be stupid to not choose a better tool for a specific job.


The Nightmare.

Not the most versatile of ships for day to day activities. But still acts as my base of operations.

Ok, now that I’m back and preparing to investigate these rumors of Queen Zizzle going where I told the Khanid Navy not to go, with the Khanid Navy I told the Khanid Navy not to send there…

The ship I’m most enjoying flying lately:

This is Triplets. Fast. Tough. Reps the living crap outta stuff. Cap stable, running both cap transfers, mutaplasmid repper, and everything else she’s got stuffed into her.

Doesn’t hurt that she’s all sleek and stuff. Though I did have to scrub off those Imperial Armaments tags. :stuck_out_tongue:

And then there’s her cousin, Revenge… which may soon be hunting.

Really, these things are just fun to fly.

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