Inexperienced Capsuleer Looking for Recommendations

Greetings fellow Capsuleers.

I’m posting in hopes to gather some information and advice on some ships that would fit my play style. Stuff like which ships would fill the roles that i enjoy doing, some tips from capsuleers that currently play these types of play styles etc… Also i live in Nullsec.

So without further ado allow me to best describe the type of ships, weapons and play style i enjoy;


I don’t always like to go for those cookie cutter builds/ships that the meta demands, looks play a huge part in this (I know… i have issues). For example the extra appendages sticking out of some of the ships irks me (please don’t take offense if you favorite ship is the Imicus or any of the erect style spaceships…).


The types of weapons i like are lasers, missiles and proton torpedoes… i mean anything that lobs out destruction shinny or otherwise (Hybrid Turrets?).

Play styles

Exploration, currently capsuleering an Astero and i love it, was going to move up to the big sister Stratios but so far my research tells me i’m better of staying with the Astero.

However if i may before moving on i do have a question in regard to the Stratios. I do enjoy very long missions away from the safety of my nullsec corporation and the thrill of being deep into enemy territory as well as Wormhole exploration (I once took part in the first and longest exploration mission in Elite Dangerous that had me away for over 8 months).

Would the Stratios fit the bill? such as running sites and picking off the poor little explorers in enemy territory / Solo pvp.

Second to exploration would be recon / information gathering then cloaky or hit and run tactics followed up by some big ass Battleship shooting off like 100 guns.

Some other info

I currently have my eye on (quite literally as they are in my hanger but not fully trained in). The Megathron & Jackdaw and my total ISK currently is 2.3 Billion with a Net worth of 3.4 Billion. Wasting ISK is my top trained skill thus far in Eve Online and i’m ok with that. Also my current SP is 6.9 Million as well as Omega Status.

TLDR : stuff that interests me

  • Nullsec
  • Exploration
  • Wormhole exploration
  • Lasers, missiles and proton torpedoes
  • Solo pvp
  • Recon / information gathering
  • Cloaky or hit and run tactics
  • Big ass ships with big ass guns

One last question before i go, is the best way to do my Attributes be to pick a ship or two that i want to work towards start training said skills and import those skill into EVEMon and run the Attributes Optimizer?

Much text, but I don’t get the question…

  • A Megathron is not expensive, but 7m SP is supposed to be too few for a Battleship. They don’t have to work better, like a big hammer doesn’t necessarily hit better than a small one. Just try flying the big ships, but better in fleets than alone.
  • For WH and exploration including cloaking, I recommend Covert Ops ships.
    You should not do any Data/Relic sites with a Stratios, because they are blinky and not better - stay with the Astero and try some Covert Ops Frigs. A Stratios is cool for cloaky PvP, but not invulnerable, an Astero is much harder to catch.
  • Covert Ops Bombers can fit Torpedos (not “proton” ones though, they are probably under tm law), they are fun too - ask for Bombers Bar to learn more.
  • Lasers are great, the Amarr way of PewPew. They need some training and skilling, but the efforts are well invested.
  • Big ass ships with big ass guns… Titans? There you have to join corps which use them after years of training. But it’s a dream of nearly every greenhorn.
  • Solo PvP: Frigates are the cheapest way to learn, but of course a Gila is much more “Whoa!”. Don’t underestimate Frigs though, they are quick and dangerous if they are the reason why you can’t flee from the slowly approaching BS fleet in your Tengu. Try Interceptors if you like speed.
  • Attributes can only be changed once a year, after you used the two starter tries. So it’s more a long term decision how to set them. Skill and buy high quality attribute enhancers, but for all 5 slots. Normally you change your skill queue at least once a week with that few SP, so long term plans are not recommended that early in game.

And now - enjoy!

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