We need drifter ships

@Mike_Azariah As a new csm member what are your thoughts on drifter ships as is has been years since they were put into the game so when will we get them?

It’s been decades since the vindicator was added to the serpentis ship line, but it still has the megathron model.

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that I true though the serps don’t seam to change there ship models

They shouldnt, the Megathron is one of the finest hulls ever designed and the Windicator would only be made poorer if it was changed.

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Drifter ships are way too OP in the first place, why would I ask for that to be in the hands of capsuleers?



6km/s, brick tanked, neut scram and web at 100km, hard hitting guns that can easily track a frigate and a doomsday?

Every other ship in the game is now obsolete.


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