Dear Wingspan

Thank you for the delivery I received last night during my wormhole Exploration excursion. The shell from your Strategic Battlecruiser Loki found my noobie flown Executioner with expected results.

However, I do have a few complaints about the service you provided. And, since I did not receive my confirmation email and accompanying survey I am forced to resort to giving my comment in a public forum.

First of all, it took at least two attempts to deliver your shells. The first barely grazed my ship. I confused my jump command with my warp to command, as a result I lingered around the wormhole for several seconds longer than anticipated. Had I not, I doubt your delivery would have been on time and I would have left the system without it.

Secondly, you completely missed my pod. Now I realize that podding may be an optional complimentary service but, given the shoddy delivery of the initial volley I would have at least expected a good podding.

In addition, I did not receive a friendly gf message from you in local. I know it is a wormhole and customarily local is not used. However, I also did not receive a message back when I sent my gf to you by private message.

Finally, you did not even retrieve my loot. Some, 5 million ISK worth. I was forced to retrieve it later from a secure location as I had made alternate arrangements.

I had received a delivery of torpedos even earlier in my noobie career with much better service and satisfaction.

My message to Wingspan Corp is that this pilot, Jazik Sekari should be terminated immediately. If not that, he should be publicly humiliated.

If this kind of service is provided in the future be assured, I will return the delivered ammo, shell, torpedo or some other ammo in-kind.




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