New lifestyle agrees with me!

(Elethana Aurel) #1

I’ve been ERB for a little more than a week and have had many firsts

  • Found Thera.
  • Gotten cut off from home and scanned the way back to highsec.
  • Gotten jumped and podded in a relic site.
  • Scanned and hacked a Ghost site.
  • Hauled 80 million isk worth of PI through a four hole chain and highsec wardec to a hub.
  • Received a torpedo delivery from WingSpan.
  • Scanned a dozen systems in a session and found nothing but sleeper sites.
  • Actually earned enough to replace a faction ship before losing it.
    All while having more fun than ever.
    Wormholer, BTW
    (I think I’ve earned the right)

(Terralynn Khanid) #2

Lucky. I would welcome such a professional and timely courier.

(Elethana Aurel) #3

Oh, I did. I even sent a thank you card for their special way of marking my first day in J-space.

(MinerArt) #4

Hopefully has proper delivery speed attached to that thank you card.

(system) #5

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