Death to ECM

ECM as a mechanic while not broken or underpowered is simply not fun gameplay by most peoples standards.

if over a decade and a half isn’t enough evidence then the current messy change shows its not something that can really be fixed. Sensor damps are already the best balance you could get for ECM. the idea of a new type of e-war is also problematic as anything not covered is almost if not more difficult to balance than the current system.

so why not remove offensive E-war from caldari and give them a supportive ship.

it can be done in one of two ways

T1 skill gives a bonus to a much needed remote guidance computer

t2 skill gives a bonus to remote tracking computers


t1 skill gives a bonus to all remote weapon enhancers (including adding RGC)

t2 skill gives a bonus to sensor boosters

some logi already give boosts to these but they are hardly ever used as those ships have a more important use for their fitting space.

the reason T2 would give the sensor boost bonus is simply because I see it as a stronger mod.

with this we will not only have dedicated E-war ships but a dedicated ant-ewar ship

What happens to hulls that would lose half and in some cases all of their bonuses?

What is “a supportive ship” class and role?

Explain this,ships that provide remote links to other ships do that via module…example scimitar via module boosts tracking speed or range(using script) it does not boosts targeted ship tracking comp or tracking enhancer(later one is passive module).

Is this ship of yours remote linker or ongrid booster?
If first i wouldn’t mind a logi ship that provide application boosts to missiles like scimitar does for turrets if second i dislike press of a button, hand off passive booster.

from your post it doesn’t seem like English is your first language so that may be why you are confused

the current ECM ships would be changed to these

they are given per level bonuses to remote tracking computers and/or remote sensor boosters there is nothing passive. the problem with these being put on logi ships in a limited role is well… they don’t use them they simply don’t have the fitting for them and their primary role. iirc they were just kind of a “test” thing ccp tossed on

ECM got nerf hard and you want more…

I prefer that 1 of 3 faction lost their EWAR to Caldari in return for Remote Tracking Computer/Remote Sensor booster than have Caldari pick up Remote Tracking Computer/Sensor booster

it seems unfair that Caldari would be one with no offensive EWAR if your plan goes through

If you ask me which EWAR Caldari should steal from, I would said Target painting from Minmatar

and I want it removed… ECM keeps getting nerfs that don’t even come close to solving anything

how? this would hold true if you were locked to the race you picked but you are not. just look to the battleship line and you will see a similar disparity with caldari and amarr getting E-war BBs or at t3s where the loki gets RR for both shield and armor.

lol just making caldari ships target painters is your idea of fair? at least mine would wind up seeing more use.

even on the minmatar hulls people hardly ever add TPs

basically you hate ECM so you want it to be removed rather than fixed.

and for Minmatar hardly ever add TP, I am sure TP get more used than Remote Booster/Computer on Caldari if they switch bonus. Since TP help a lot with missile

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you are correct

This is true, benefit on them being on a logi is that you can focus on assisting your guys with reps and providing remote links,this is used in incursions fleet a lot but fitting space is rather limited indeed.
Perfect ship for my use case would be tengu or loki in logistic configuration with that bonus tacked on they provide more slots and fitting space.

Having a ship that populate weapons slots and provide remote links ie having your own ppl locked is recipe for triggering calls for reps because you are one that is blasting your fleet mate not the enemy due to lack of attention server being finicky or just being tired.

take a look at simply my recent post history and you will see ECM is my favorite E-war.

not as much as webs… this is why the web bonus is used far more on the minmatar ships TPs are actually more helpful for projectiles than they are for missiles

very few ecm ships fit more than a few anti drone weapons if any so this isn’t much of an issue.

also even if this became a problem it would be a bonus not a detraction. anything that puts more responsibility on the individual pilot is a good thing. We also used to do this all the time with old carriers

I see post history confirm with this

I do admit that I get depressed over ECM change on Oct balance pass because I don’t know good solution for ECM

but what I know is that I do want to see Offensive EWAR for Caldari rather than Support Ships.

in short of this, I prefer to see anti-logi EWAR for Caldari ship to deal with FAX than see support anti-WAR

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you are not going to find an anti logi ewar strong enough to deal with FAX that isn’t oppressive everyplace else.

you know… other than nuets and we have those

why do you want caldari to have an offensive E-war?

Yep but they are not ECM ships anymore you just give them most boring job ever and said them not to fit any weapons and doodle around while fleet is having fun i think you put too much faith in remote linking mechanic.
Any who good luck idea have merit dont believe this is most optimal way.

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… you could say the same about logi or dedicated link ships or hell even the other E-war like damps or TD the only differences is you target reds rather than purple nothing else

Seriously, did OP post without reading the current ECM blog?


did you post w/o reading my post? this is a response to ccps brilliant idea

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