Deathless Circle standings

Hello there,

Do you know why deathless circle assigned some standings to a character?

Looking at their standings, it showns 0.0 to everyone. Any ideas?

Fly safe!

As with the introduction of the EDENCOM and Triglavian factions, the player will be able to gain positive or negative standing with his actions. Which will translate into the ability to use The Fulcrum station in the Zarzakh system and whether or not you will be pursued by Deathless faction patrols in Zarzakh (similar to what faction police do in high sec). Which matters if you want to earn LP of this new faction and thus be able to acquire BPC of the new Guristas and Angels ships (at least that’s what I understood watching the stream from Fanfest).

Similar with trig/edencom, lets hope fleet mechanics for sharing wont work.

It will work however the current FW system does, because this is just an extension of that

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