December 2018 Release - General Feedback


(Black Ambulance) #21

Still bad design, looks like you “need” a structure in space to even DECLARE a war :confused:

(Winston Onzo) #22

Have you been hiding under a rock?? Since the changes were announced that was the premise. Need a structure to War Dec, to get Decc’ed and to be an ally.

(Nana Skalski) #23

You can still enrol in militia to be in war.

(Tipa Riot) #24

For me this is a tiny icon, looks even smaller than the rest …

(Rivr Luzade) #25

Looks deceive. It has a very large empty space above and below the icon.

(Skyy II) #26

I like the new war changes, but it seems it could have been thought out more and we could have been given more details about the future. Suggesting that structures alone make a big difference is most likely wrong. The criteria for war should be any dockable structure. Corps should also have to designate a home base for the structure they want as a war objective. These structures all need to be in known low and high sec space. To me that’s a fair plan and CCP should lay out something asap to clear up the furture plans.

(Agfro Er) #27

Thank you for the update and cool event. It is disappointing to see that " * Warping to a bookmark that is located inside the sun, planet or moon will now initiate a warp to the normal warp-in point of the celestial object instead." Please consider patching so that warp drives can still warp inside a sun but to disallow activating a cyno within a celestial instead.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve warped to my solar bump bookmark just for a fun ride and amazing visuals. By bob, the inside of the sun was so beautiful! For the sake of the art team please consider targeting the cyno module instead of the warp drive.

(Maxis Lithium) #28

So, Skimming this thread, I haven’t seen any reference to how messed up Incursions are.
The sites for Incursions have stopped spawning. Warp To Me Incursions, and I assume other incursion runners, have all had to shut down their fleet just because there was nothing left to do.

I trust this was already knon, but it’s SUPER frustrating when Incursions are your main jam (Which they are right now for me)

(DangR) #29

For me they seem almost completely gone…

(slphy vansyl) #30

what about the “Datacore - Advanced Starship Engineering” needed to make t2 triv. rep bpc?
is there a release soon, do they forget it or do we have to wait another week?

(Barathor Agma) #31

Hey CCP,

I would like to give you some feedback to the change of respawn time. I make mostly havens and the respawn time goes up to 10 Minutes. I don’t really get the point why you nerfed that. Titans fly rock havens which is the easiest to make for them. I know that the some dudes in this game make a shitload of money out of doing this. But they invested a lot of ink to get to this point. That has to pay of. Due to the change it doesn’t pay of anymore. I don’t think that is fair. The higher your investment the higher should be you tick. If you cut it of, it doesn’t make sense anymore.
We have too much assets in this game, that’s true. But why not making it easier to kill it. f.e. A Citadel in structure-timer shouldn’t be able to provide tethering. That would give everyone more tactical options.



(Xenobia) #32

we have a problem with too much ISK in game. and CCP chose this way for solve it. good job, well done, 10/10.

CCP, you won ‘the dumbest of the dumbest’ award.

(Altair Taurus) #33

Ring Sanctum - last wave warping in: Why is this new “feature” present in Blood Raiders space but it cannot be found in Serpentis space?

(Altair Taurus) #34

Idea behind Triglavian/Precursor ships: Let’s ask CCP about introduction of completely new ship lineage. What is purpose of all this? I noticed first Triglavian T2 ship (logistic cruiser) in the game. Does CCP think about making obsolete all existing T1/T2 ships (Gallente, Caldari, Amarr, Minmatar) by introducing better Precursor ones in every ship class to force players to essentially retrain all subcap skills???

(Dragos Highwind) #35

? Do you have numbers to support the claim that these ships are superior?

(Altair Taurus) #36

I have enough sense to notice CCP wouldn’t waste huge chunk of development time to introduce new but worse ships in every class (it seems they plan to do exactly that after first in-game faction T2 ship) which nobody wants to train. :slight_smile:

(Dragos Highwind) #37

Correct, but stating that the ship will make all other logi obsolete is a bit much. It may be the great tanking logi with a great short range repair and versatility to do smart bombs and/or cap transfer if needed, but its faaaaar from the best Logi overall. So far the Trig ships are unique, but far from the best.

(Aydius Sky) #38

Is this just general feedback on the latest patch or is this where I can post a big long thing of feedback that I’ve thought about for a while, on certain parts of the game as a whole?

(C0ATL) #39

They were vague about the PVE changes because they are cowards who know that there would be many complaints about them admitting to having nerfed the nullsec respawn time of anomalies.

CCP did this to indirectly nerf income, because they believe we have too many assets in space…but did they really achieve that?

A super pilot can do the same 3 rock havens constantly, finishing the 3rd one, just as the 1st respawns… Now you finish the 3rd one, but the 1st one takes about 1 more minute to respawn, so you are either forced to wait in space, starting at your ship for 1 minute (which is about 25% of the time it takes a super to do a haven)…or just go do another site (like Forsaken Hubs). Taking the later choice, yields the EXACT same ticks…which means that … like monkeys hitting a computer with a wrench … ccp didnt really solve anything, but instead just made it unnecessarily 1-click-more-complicated to get the same ticks.

Useless and poorly thought out change.

(Unseen Spectre) #40


I am not sure whether the issue I am about to describe has already been reported.

I ran a mission yesterday and another one today on one of my characters in a cruise missile fit marauder and in both cases I experienced an issue with the visuals of the cruise missiles. The missiles do damage the targeted ship so I think this is only a matter of visuals.

The missiles seem to disappear before actually hitting the target and there are no visuals showing the missiles impact on shield of the targeted ship.

It is difficult to tell at what distance from the targeted ship the missiles disappear, but if the targeted ship orbits at 3-5 km, the missiles disappear almost immediately after launch. The missiles also disappear rather quickly if the target is only about 15 km away.

As I said, this seems only to be a matter of visuals, as the cruise missiles seem to work ok. Whether the same problem applies to other missile types I cannot say.

UPDATE 18 Dec 2018

I ran another mission today. I am not sure whether anything was changed to fix the issue mentioned concerning the visuals of the missiles, but in the mission of today, the visuals of the missiles looked normal.