Decent solar system to be around

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Hey there.

So, I’m rather a noob in Eve online, and I was wondering what’s a good solar system to have most of my stuff around.

Someone told me ages ago that I should be around Hekari for reasons I can’t remember, so most of my bigger ships are there, but I’d still like to know what you guys/girls might think.

I’m just planning on doing low level stuff, such as high sec pve missions, so nothing fancy at all. Not sure if I need to give you any more info to help me :frowning:


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Any systems that have an abundance of agents will do perfectly fine.

Hakeri and the surrounding systems have a few L4 agents, so that might be okay to live in.

Seems a bit far away from the major trade hubs (Rens and Hek), but I hear that they’re pretty dead now that Citadel markets have sprung up.

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Yes. Rens is dead. Nobody trade at Rens ok?

Cool good talk :parrotmustache:

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I hang out 5 jumps from dodixie and and love it.

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The best solar system is that of your corp :slight_smile:
Anyway: It always depends what your up to, a miner’s ideas of a decent spot are different to businessman’s or ratter’s. Hakeri is not ideal for trade, but quite nice for mining. And it’s very far away from lowsec.

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Boldly_Gone essentially has this one correct.
Outside of a few obvious like wanting to run for an SOE agent there is no such thing as a best system, there is only a best system for you. So here are some tips to help you decide what is best.

No one system will have everything you want or need, so you really need to be looking at an area of space and not just one specific system, and then select which of the systems you want to use for your base of operations.

With the potential for declining missions you do not want to run (faction missions) having more than one agent for the same NPC close by is another factor.

Having agents from the various divisions (security, distribution, R&D etc.) close by is a plus since it gives you more options on what you can do.

How close you are to low sec has advantages / disadvantages depending on what you want from the game and your experiences in it. If you do not want a mission agent to send you to low sec make sure you choose a system at least 4 jumps from low sec.

Mapping sites like DotLan and agent location sites like EvE Agents can help you choose an area to be in.

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Got it, thanks for all the replies guys!

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Where you live depends a lot on what you, and the people you hang around with, like to do.

If you like high-sec missions, you obviously want to live in high sec, in a spot with a lot of mission agents around, preferably near a trade hub so you can sell your loot.

If you like exploration, you typically want to live as far away from a trade hub as possible, as that is where a lot of people are, and they’ll steal all your sites.

If you like wormholes, obviously you’ll want to live in a wormhole.


My advice would be: find a group of people you enjoy being with, and with similar interests, and live where they live.

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You mention missioning. Check this out.

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