2024-03-14 21:30 - KZFV-4 Ihub Defence (INITIAL TIMER)

The Initiative brought a 120 pilot fleet to KZFV-4 and spooled up on our ihub:

They shot our ansiblex whilst waiting for the ihub timer - we jammed their entosis pilots wasting a bit of time. PanFam flash formed a Ferox Navy and Barghest fleet to brawl in KZFV-4.

Instead of gating out towards 2-KPW6, INIT took a 23-jump detour away from Scalding Pass through Great Wildlands to get home… only to be ambushed anyway.

Today, DECOY + PanFam prevented an INITIAL TIMER being created against us. Incredible work!!

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2024-03-15 14:00 - Astrahus Onlining

2 days ago, we attempted to anchor an Astrahus in N3-JBX - and INIT responded with a 79-pilot fleet:

Today, we asked our friends to come along to support.

30 minutes before the timer started, INIT began entosising N3-JBX Ihub. Our team quickly mobilized and jammed their entosis (Great job @yabaa6418!!) and pushed them off grid, preventing another initial timer.

When the Astrahus became vulnerable - INIT decided they didn’t want to fight us and instead started to create another initial timer in VOL on our Athanor. We managed to ambush them in HLW on the VOL gate.

2024-03-17 09:30 - F4R2 Keepstar AAR

Courtesy of alphaempire via Reddit


  • Imperium assaulted Pandafam Keepstar and mass pinged across all alliances - including INIT who is not in Imperium.
  • INIT vs Frat/BFL kicked it off in Curse as multiple fleets were pre-positioning for various Pandafam forts. INIT were in Tengus/Vagas and Pandafam largely in Paladins/Pancakes/TFIs.
  • As these fights were progressing, Imperium started attacking the jammer in F4R in Sacs, Zealot/Deimos, and CFIs to prepare for the Keepstar timer.
  • Pandafam F4R defense primarily used Rokhs, Barghs, Ravens, Nightmares, Vagas to defend.
  • INIT Tengus then came in F4R to help support vs the jammer.
  • Imperium and friends killed the first jammer, sacrificing dps against defenders as they were focused on the module that would stop capitals from coming in. Defenders (Pandafam) were shooting Imperium with full dps.
  • As Imperium and friends celebrated the jammer’s death, a stranger typed in local: “I anchored another one.” A second system jammer started to online this time with bubbles on it and Pandafam fleets sitting at optimal range with short range ammo loaded.
  • Ultimately, Imperium and friends warped to an Imperium Fortizar to disengage, but Pandafam kept pressuring and this time Pandafam fought on an Imperium Fortizar… Imperium and friends decided to take advantage of the grid that was in their favor. However, due to unknown reasons, two Imperium Zinitras, Black man, and Halal Csillag decided to not stay tethered on a safe Fort and started getting hit by 675 Pandafam subcaps. The impact was swift, and the battle report clearly showed the toll.
  • Imperium called off the assault, disengaged and ordered all caps to dock/leave, and subcaps exited or logged off in the system. F4R Keepstar repaired. INIT in the mean time went off on a high sec adventure.
  • As a side note, there was an interesting Imperium supercapital that was tackled in HY-RWO by Frat and BFL, where Imperium had to use supers against Frat/BFL subcaps. The resulting battle report can be found here.

DECOY formed Retributions & Dictors and headed towards our former home, G-0Q86. Our plan was to engage The Initiative and prevent them turning up to the fight; but we ended up fighting in this system anyway. We watched the fight happening from afar, and brought our team to execute the stragglers and provide support for the larger fleets on grid.

Once the fighting in G-0Q86 was over, we made our way across to F4R2-Q to do the same tactic here. In the end, we got around 40 kills and zero losses :slight_smile:

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2024-03-27 - Defensive Update


Over 2 weeks of INIT’s deployment, DECOY has lost only 4 ihubs. Through our planning and readiness, we have intercepted several attempts before they even started:

13th March: Bifrost | Kizuto Nolm | Killmail | zKillboard
14th March: Drake | Shrisander | Killmail | zKillboard
15th March: Slasher | Enas Jaynara | Killmail | zKillboard
18th March: Slasher | Jason Droneslinger | Killmail | zKillboard
20th March: Slasher | Oreitina Shrisander | Killmail | zKillboard
21st March: Sigil | Mr Jump | Killmail | zKillboard

We’ve also taken great pleasure in following them home:



Earlier this week, The Initiative brought a 256-pilot Tengu fleet to reinforce our infrastructure in KZFV-4.

Today, we had a series of armour timers that Pandemic Horde & friends came to support us with.

INIT travelled with Vagabonds and setup on the strucutre ready to shoot it, but got distracted in 2-KPW6 by a roaming gang. As INIT travelled back to our structure, Pandemic Horde bridged in a Paladin Fleet to the same position, allowing them to spread tackle and volley through.

INIT were losing ships incredibly fast, forcing all their pilots to ‘starburst’ out of bubbles to save themselves:

This tactic happens when the fleet commanders are unable to control the positioning of the fleet and have been overwhelmed. Instead of coordinating, every pilot in the fleet is on their own - trying their best to extract from a dangerous situation.

DECOY is recruiting!


Thank you friends for coming to help, it was a blast to see that warp-in and then the starburst!


Do you like challenges and playing in null-sec within a small but close-knit alliance?


Go touch Grass



INIT has returned their deathclones to Fountain, leaving only jump-clones in G-0Q86. This means they will have very little presence in our space outside of organised ops.

They tried cloaky camping us and making initial timers against us - but they were ineffective and useless unless they formed 100+ pilots. And even then; thanks to our friends in Pandemic Horde, we annihilated INIT every time.

It is a testament to our alliance strength that INIT gave up after just 3 weeks.



Come back init I was enjoying that spice.

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Last night, FL33T captured a TCU/IHub previously owned by VAPOR in F-5FDA.

It is unclear what FL33T has planned for this area; but fielding this many dreads looks like they’re willing to fight. So far, we have had a couple of sovereignty attacks on DECOY, but nothing significant yet.