Ded 9/10s

CCP is busy right now, so I don’t see this happening any time soon, but I wanted to share my idea no less.

Take the current 10/10s and change them to 9/10s then make new dedsites, call them 10/10s, make them super hard but with no acceleration gate so capitals can do them. BOOM.

Whataya think?

Edit: Warp disruption included, 15-20 minute completion time, neuts, etc. Make them similar to level 5s but longer to complete, with loot based rewards similar to current 10/10s.

Edit 2: make them rare, or only distributed through an escalation of some kind.

That you contradict yourself when you mention “make them super hard” and “so capitals can do them”.

that’s nitpicking

balance them so that they’re meant for capitals.


Fozzie: we are not happy with how easy it is to make isk in capitals

NullBear: lets add another way to make more isk with caps

Not a null bear. The idea is to add another opportunity to gank capitals

and also fill the gap of missing 9/10s

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