DEDs, HAMs, T3Cs & Stasis Web Towers

What’s the best way to deal with these towers when running sites? So far a lot of the towers are out of Javelin range and I end up having to slowboating over to them…

Was wondering what the most effective way to deal with them is. Was thinking about mobile micro jump units?

Inquiring minds wonder.

Oh those towers. Well, I suggest a tengu.

Yeah. I am using a Tengu but the towers are 65+ and slow boating at 25 takes forever and in some cases can put a real hurt on your tank.

I’m guessing most are running HML Tengu’s rather than HAM

Thanks Ill give that a look Most of the fits I see are all HAM. I found one with 2 computers and hits out far enough.

More missile guidance computer or switch HAM to HM

use a bs with cruise missiles

Yeah. I am yeeting into NS so covert cloak and ability to scan out through a WH is critical…

Again, now we know exactly which towers you are referring to.

Me suggesting a tengu was me being ironic. I have no idea which towers you mean, nor do I know which problem you want to solve.

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Maybe you didn’t… Considering he had DED and T3C in the title, it was pretty easy to know he was talking at least 5-10/10 DED sites. Many of which have stasis towers. Tengu has always seemed a goto ship for these.

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In that case, I may be the only one never to have flown a tengu in any DED complex.
In case he was referring to the Sansha DED 8/10, I use my Dominix and mjd to the far side of the stasis tower in room 1, so I end up overshooting the gate by a few km.
Then I am out of range of the webbing effect and approach the gate at full speed, only to be slowed down by the web right before I reach the warp range. The momentum does carry me to warp distance and then helps me to make a u-turn and warp into the second room.
The web from the tower is a perfect stopping mechanism to pin down pilots with evil intentions, giving me the time to warp somewhere else and wait it out.
Killing the tower would take too much time anyways.

elitatwo is right, many people run them in BS with MJD
Dominix for the poors, rattlesnakes for the rich :wink: :wink:

@elitatwo and @Wyk_Bathana

I’m not discounting either of you in terms of what ship types many people may run these in. However the OP was specifically asking about T3C which was where at least I was focusing. And having put all the key info in the title it was pretty easy to know what mix of sites he was talking about.

and sometimes, it is better to choose the right ship rather than trying to force the fit to adapt to what you want to do. Op even speaks about using micro jump units. Switching from a tengu to a bs with a mjd is easier, imo.
But what we don’t know , OP, is if you run these sites in friendly space or hostile space. Tengu is good in hostile space, because of the possibility to refit for cloak and bubble immunity. If it is in friendly space, though, it is much better to fly a bs with mjd and long range weapons. Cheaper than a tengu, easier, etc

OH but we do.

Yes. Hostile space and so far running with 2 tracking comps with Jav has put me within range of most of the towers.

And yes I would use a Rattle/Raven/Domi if I had a structure to stage out of.

Thanks for the input helpful folks.

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