DED sites in a VNI

Hey guys it’s me once more with another question:

is it possible to run ded sites (5-10) in a vni? The fitting is of course based on the common speed tank build with a 100mn afterburner.
I heard that you can speed tank Guristas the best, is that true?
I know it will take a long time to clear the site but I don’t mind that…

did you even googled up sites?

3x web tower in last room of every 5/10

yeah they web at 50km as far as I know so I just orbit at 60…

But how you will tank DPS and web? They web at warp in

shoot them with sentry, maybe ? (I don’t know)
Since ishtar can tank some ded6 I guess a VNI could tank some ded5 with double rep. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I actually found a guy who runs 10/10 with an ishtar in 2019 (not granted when I look at most videos)

this is why I thought the vni can do just as well in idk a 8/10 maybe.
I will just try it out as soon as one spawn in my system and then report you guys what happend.

I was able to do blood raider DED 5 in Gnosis, but in took a looot of time and patience to complete. So VNI should work too, but it will be probably even slower.

So I think you’ll find that the T2 resist profile of the Ishtar fits perfectly for tanking Guristas NPCs, which is why the it’s able to the run 10/10… that’s not to say the VNI won’t be able to complete a 5/10 or 6/10 vs Guristas, but I think it will be very slow… assuming you’re able to get out of web range before your tank fails.

Curious to see how your testing goes, and don’t forget there is SISI available to assist with testing of things & stuff.


If you are doing them in hisec. I suggest taking look at cheap myrmidon. Just slap MJD on it and you will be out of web range in blink of eye. Also VNI after changes is pretty bad at being only speed tanking drone boat. What are numbers now for only drones? 200-300 DPS? You will have hard time breaking BS’s tank.

You can try and you probably can do it but it’s probably not worth it unless you will have ton of fun from trying accomplish this goal.

yeah I tested the vni in a 8/10 today and it did not turn out great.
I do about 330 Dps with my current fit and that just takes ages for the first room.
Tank whise it is kind of problematic when you warp in but I managed to survive.
After I missclicked and got to close I had to warp off.
Drone aggro can also be a problem but I managed to pull mine in before they were destroyed.

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