Deep Space Belt Ratting Stratios

Years go I started flying a Stratios and exploring as sort of an homage to Star Trek Voyager. This toon had been freed up of all money making responsibilities and had the opportunity to do whatever they want. So I set Boober up for deep space exploration.

At the time, melted nanoribbons sold for somewhere between the original 5 million and the pennies they do now. So it was worth it to me to fit the ship to be able to kill sleepers as well as belt rats in low and null. I wanted to find a drone sniper fit for the belt rats but I could not find one that would contend with sleepers, even in a C1. So does anyone have a good belt rat sniper Stratios fit?

By “sniper fit” you mean to stay at range with sentries and shoot from like 100km?

I don’t see why that should not work in C1. Tracking may be an issue if you use sentries, but the Stratios has a big enough drone bay to bring a set of mediums and lights as well.

Here is a video of ‘erstschlag’ running some specific C5 sites with a Stratios:

The fitting is in the video description.

But if you want to do a “Jack of all Trades” fit… well. I don’t know. You can probably make a fit that can decently run a number of sites but will always fail to run some specific ones.
There are a lot of ways to use a stratios. Most of them involve a bit of specializing into a certain type of site or at least npc-faction so you can fit resists especially for those.

I hope that helped a bit.

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I want to snipe with drones from 100k+. I made a fit that could easily kill sleepers, but not a sniper fit that could kill them before they burned down 100k. Belt rats should be no problem from 100k, especially losec.

That vid is great BTW, thx.

I wound up going with a fairly simple fit, dual sebos, dual onmis, dual DDA’s, MAR, and a 10mn afterburner. it can sig tang orbiting around what wound up being curators. I needed like 3 t1 DLA’s to save on CPU.

As soon as I put the modules on to test the fit I found a WH to Null. Literally the first thing I scanned. It was some test system with blood raiders. I managed to take out several battleships before local started buzzing.

I’d recommend leaving some drone bay space free and carrying a re-fit for combat probes, you can often find valuable drones abandoned out in space to loot.

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The only ones I’ve seen are Gecko’s, which I’d gladly drop the Gardes for. I did fit a mobile depot this time.

The stratios and depot got introduced the same xpac, and I didn’t know about the depot when I left port. I would definitely rather have the drone bay full when I launch though.

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