Deeplearn ai npcs


I have an idea. I don’t know if this already exists, but how about deeplearn ai npcs that learn with every kill or defeat and success and analyze other pilots nearby and in battle to improve themselves? This would bring more realism into the world and the npcs would get more intelligence, especially in the area of npc pirates.

But this function should be switchable on or off.

So, what do you think? would that be possible?


You could simply have the neural net rate decisions based on probability of success and choose the action taken based on the percentile of all actions in order from least successful to most, so that all NPCs used the same system, but some NPCs made better decisions than others.


This sort of thing is already being baked into some games in production and will become the big thing over the next decade that drives player engagement in many games across the genres.

I think it can be awesome, but it can also be awful.

There’s a danger of NPCs imbued with such capabilities becoming too good, and you could find yourself painted into a corner, trapped and docked in a dead end system for hours, even days on end with NPCs outside waiting patiently and indefinitely for you to emerge. They’ll be able to lock, point and fire before you’ve even clicked on them in the overview as they won’t have slow, cumbersome human hands to deal with.

Then, you jump into a clone somewhere far away, and you’re fine for a few hours, but the NPCs will find you and appear and then you’ll either have to wait to jump again, or suicide your pod at a moon somewhere to jump back home, and then they will return. Relentlessly pursuing you across time, space, death and reality.

They’ll invade your dreams IRL, and you’ll start thinking you see them on street corners, and you will be afraid to drive to work in case they’re camping the gates to your office.


How about “deeplearn ai npcs” that roam the forums and post like regular users? There could be NPCs belonging to different factions like gankers, carebears, scammers, newbros and so on… maybe some even pretending to be ISDs or CSM. :wink:


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Well, they already have that on social media sites pushing political propaganda and manipulating cryptocurrency enjoyers, might as well get some here. Automatic moderation is the long sought but not quite attainable dream for anyone running a community such as this.

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I love this and will sign my name to this post!

ALL npcs should be diamond NPCs I want NPCs that can know how to fight JUST like the player!

Warframe did their historic NPC rebalance where high end NPCs are just as deadly as the players. NOT dummy targets! We need smart NPCs in EVE online. I do remember some CCP murmurs about NPC AI years ago, but I guess nothing came of it.

This is a dream of mine.


I seem to imagine that is what the Trigs are doing as I am always seeing them scanning.


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