Defender Launcher Tech 2 Idea Called a Burst Launcher

I have an Idea for a T2 option for the Defender Launcher called Burst Launcher.
Since the normal T1 Defender Launcher and missiles go after bombs from Stealth Bombers only.
I’m thinking can there be a T2 Burst Launcher with T2 Missiles that will go after the target you are shooting at.
The New T2 launcher will make it a burst weapon damage to help break tanks.

You can only shoot once every 120sec and it will be the same damage profile of the t1 option, so all damage type.
Damage I’m thinking is no more than 200 per sec and a volley of 1000 with the Explosion Velocity of 200m/sec and the range will be inside of 15kms before missiles burns out, so more for brawler than snipers.
CPU of 25 TF and a power grid of 2 MW.
So the NEW T2 launcher fit , Interdictor, Command Destroyer and Tactical Destroyer can use it.

Just a thought of making something new for solo or gang warfare.

That’s called a Rapid Light missile launcher and a Rapid Heavy missile launcher.

But they shoot 18 times before reloading, but I’m only saying 1 shot at 200 damage with 1000 volley with 120 sec cool downtime, totally different.

But thanks for your input mate o7

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