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We are still opened for everybody! Come join us today!

Reached out in game.

Hi there, looking for a new corp to join. Been kind of inactive for the last few months but am starting to get back into it a bit more. I have null-sec experience as a line-member of a corp in a large alliance. I was not able to keep up with the time/isk demands of the corp so was kicked out–but am welcome back when i am ready to. A relaxed null-sec corp sounds great. I am in the medical field as well.

Hello Rae Star, sorry for the delay, had a final exam today and was studing hard! I will mail you today! And bump! Or you can ping me via discord - Glorfindeil#2642, I will reply there faster than anywhere

Lots of stuff going on! Come join us!

Moon mining, drunk roams, low sec pvp, ice belts - come join the fun!

Come join us!

Null sec pvp addicted miners - come join the party

Ice, Ore, PvP - come join us!

Yep, we are still opened!

Still opened!

Come join the party today

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Still opened!

we are still opened!

Kate, I’m a reasonably long standing player coming back after a 18mnth break. (70mil sp) I’ve done most things in EvE but struggling to find a corps that fits. I.e. relaxed and laughs with PvP and PvE content.

Shall we chat in game?

Yep, absolutely! You can either mail me in game or contact me via discord - Glorfindeil#2642

Are you up for a Frenchy in your squad ? Not gonna talk so much because… you know, i speak baguette… But i like your ambition. Is there any major alliance around there ? i’ll hit you up ingame when i’ll come home

And please, do it with your main toon