Delayed deployment of Personal Skill Plans on native mac client

Cool, thanks for the update @CCP_Caffeine.

Any news?

Hi all

Apologies for the delay on this. It’s been a huge piece of work that will serve as the underpinning for many future features that EVE will have. See the devblog here: Introducing Quasar | EVE Online

The good news is that this is now live on Sisi if you’d like to give it a try. We hope to release it in the next major release if we don’t see any issues there.


Cool story, but what about eve portal?

This is not my area I’m afraid so can’t offer any insight.


Interesting — I knew there had to be an interesting software development story behind this long delay. Seems like the issue was that skill plans were the first feature using the brand new gRPC style of communication, and the delay was in making sure the OS X client had a solid foundation of proper support for gRPC that all the future Quasar-y goodness could be built on top of — is that about right?

Yup, spot on.

We were in a situation where our old Wine client wasn’t really working on M1 properly, so had to make the call on what features we could ship the native mac client without so players could reliably play on it.
Skillplans / gRPC was the main one, which needed quite a bit of development work on. In the scheme of things, I knew it would be annoying, but it wasn’t game-breaking.

The alternative was not shipping the new client until this release…so quite a long time.

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Super glad you chose the route you did. Loving playing on my M1.

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Opened up my client after work and was pleasantly surprised to find skill plans! Thanks CCP!