Native Mac Client Skill Plan Implementation

Upon release, the native Mac client was deployed without the skill plan functionality, but was promised in a later patch. @CCP_Dopamine Could the Dev team update us on the timeline for bringing skill plans to the Mac client?

The Mac client and the introduction of skill plans were terrific improvements to the game. For those of us playing on Macs who work with new bros or FC fleet doctrines that we need to get our pilots skilled into, getting the new Skill Plans tool deployed on the native client is really important.


I too would like to hear about the timeline for this, please.

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Same here per op. Is there an eta for deployment of this improvement for us Mac users?

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@CCP_Dopamine don’t forget about this!

Is there any news about this? Or any way to extract the info about the corporation’s skill plans etc even if if it can’t be nearly visualized (for example in plain list form or similar)

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if you looked two threads down you’d have seen this.

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