Delayed deployment of Personal Skill Plans on native mac client

Greetings, Capsuleers

The release of EVE Online’s native mac client is coming soon – and while we’re excited to bring this new and improved EVE experience to macOS, we’d also like to pre-emptively notify you that the Personal Skill Plans functionality of the new skill interface will not be accessible in the native client upon its release, due to external factors beyond our control – meaning that players will not initially be able to either create or save personal skill plans, nor save a shared plan.

This will not affect access to the skill catalogue or certified plans, however. Additionally, any personal skill plans you have already saved will remain in the database, and will in fact be accessible if logging in on a PC during this waiting period.

We plan to bring you this functionality as soon as possible in a later release. Please bear with us as we ensure that your experience will be as well-polished as possible: the native mac client includes significant improvements across the board, and we can’t wait to bring you into this new era!


RRRRRRRRRReeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt! Please! :slightly_smiling_face:


So, this means that you will release today?
Really, apologizing about this issue as a saparate topic can mean that you will release very very soon

so does this mean the 150 skills I have in question at the moment will carry over to the Mac client , or is it just saving and linking plans etc that will be effected?

not initially be able to either create or save personal skill plans, nor save a shared plan.

Any update on when is this coming to the Mac client? :slight_smile:

I’m afraid we don’t have a date for the Personal Skill Plans, but it’s being worked on as we speak.


do you have any rough estimation for the release, I am a new player and I have noticed the need for this particular feature.
<3 thank you for the macOS support.

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Any chance of an update or an ETA for this? I have a bunch of public skill plans that I’ve been unable to maintain for a couple of months now.

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Is there an update on the eta for personal skill plans on the Mac?


Also anxiously awaiting this functionality on the native Mac client; it’s become an increasingly difficult issue given that my corp uses corp skill plans extensively to document requirements for doctrine ships, which I’m unable to access in order to assess what skills I need to train.

Are there any workarounds? Is there a way to access the client through WINE in the meantime for the purpose of viewing and navigating corporate skill plans, or is there some other way of accessing the corporate skill plans that one has access to?

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In case this may help others: someone suggested that I use the browser-based client for all my Skill Queue Online needs. This has helped me a lot, the web client is more than adequate for mucking about with plans.

It’s deeply confusing from an outsider perspective why this piece of functionality, in particular, is more than a quarter delayed on the Mac client, in particular… I almost don’t want to share this piece of advice in case it causes someone to downgrade some “user pain score” in some Jira ticket somewhere. But if this is going to be delayed months further, can I beg the developers from the bottom of my heart to visually indicate, within the Mac client, that there is missing functionality so that we don’t think we’re crazy when we’re being told to just click the button that’s obviously there for our teammates but not there for us.


Is there any timeline for the rollout on this yet?

P.S. Thanks again, @CCP_Dopamine and everyone else who worked on the Mac client. I love that this even exists (and so does my M1 :smiley: ).

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… use the browser-based client for all my Skill Queue Online needs.

Thanks for this tip; great workaround. I completely forgot about the browser client :sweat_smile:.

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I just joined EveUni which uses many corporate skill plans and thought I was somehow missing something because I couldn’t follow their directions to find the plans. Please let us know if and when you will bring the functionality to the Mac client. I’m only playing Eve because you brought it out for the Mac, thank you.

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We’re really sorry for the delay on this. I know how frustrating it is that it’s not working, as I want to use it too.
I can’t give a date, all I can say is that we have multiple people working on this and it’s being treated as a priority internally.


While you are here, any news on EVE Portal being updated