Delet H-Sec pls or Do it non pvp zone

It’s not a secret to anybody: concord not work, police protect only pirats and suicide ships no save for simple non agresion players…

It’s easy to solve:

( 1 ) Completely remove the police, big alliances of players stop the mess in H-sec.
( 2 ) Or prohibit shots for players in security 0.7-1.0 No target players, no shoting players, no any pvp in H-Sec.

Eve loses players every year. And bullies H-sec being kicked new players out of the game.

Enough lawlessness bullies!!! STOP police that protects criminals!

p.s. If the ссp does not want to listen to pearlabyss will do it.

All your other characters forum banned?

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Closed due to trolling.