DELETE keeping Character

Galente and Minmatar bs 5

Large Blaster spec 5

Armor comps at 4
good engineering skills

11 bil starting bid,

10b offer

Bump for the day, thats 35 extractors btw.

Skyree Vegas 11 B

11.5 b bid

Still up for grabs

Daily bump

Vindi pilot with mid amulets set

Make me an offer i cant refuse or i just keep her,training logi up now.

Your support skills are bad. Doesn’t matter if it flies a ship. Without good support skills no one will pay much. You need fitting and gunnery support in this case.

exactly what @DemonX_Bane said. if you keep it you should stop training loginand start training orher vindi skills

This is for bids not your ■■■■■■■ unwanted opinions. opinions are like assholes,everybody has one. Piss off!

I’ll go 12bil, Let’s do it right now, right here baby!