Delete me

Nope, but like I said it’s basically a more rude dupe of my thread pre-update.

I could not disagree more with this idea. Also CCP has repeatedly said that Alpha is not an unlimited trail, but a valid game-play option. If it were an unlimited trail as you think it is, I would agree with you, but it is not, and it has clearly not been sold as such. CCP’s goal is not to make everyone Omega, it is to make money, and they certainly plan to make money from Alphas who never become Omegas.

The main problem is about trust, CCP wants to get money from Alphas, and tells them that being Alpha is a valid game play option, and that they can pay for little things and have an enjoyable game play experience. They don’t have to be Omega to get what they pay for, but they can upgrade for more. Then they release the Dec update which basically tells the old Alphas “screw you, you’re just an unlimited trail anyway.”

Great, you know you could also use the INTERNATIONAL Russian language sub-forum, but you are expected to use Russian there. International =/= multi-lingual. This is an English language international forum. I don’t make the rules, I’m just saying what is.