Delete me

Right, but that’s not what we’ve been talking about. CCP isn’t selling things in-game, CCP is selling things in the real world, for real world money, to pay their real world bills.

Also even in-game, Alphas can buy anything an Omega can. They can’t use it, but they can buy it.

By this logic, where’s my free skill points to compensate when they introduced alphas in the first place? You know, because they would start out with roughly 10 times the skill points a character created as late as 5 minutes before downtime that day? What about all the isk people spent on upgraded clones in order to avoid skill point loss way back when?

You’re also forgetting one key thing regarding MMOs. ■■■■ Changes. If ccp suddenly made the monthly subscription cost 50% less, I have no right to demand they refund me 50% of the $ and isk I spent maintaining my subscriptions for the last year and change. Furthermore, I’m fairly certain they made this change to avoid what could have ended up being a catastrophic market impact. Mainly from people training ~6m or more in omega skills, letting it lapse to alpha, train up 5m worth of alpha skills, go omega for a month, rip out the 5m skills they just trained (and any other skills they trained before the end of the month), rinse repeat til eve dies.

In case you didnt know… This game used to require you to be subbed in order to log in. I dont think its a huge issue or unfair in any way for you to be able to log in and fly around with an account that isnt paying anyways.

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