(Kazuo Hideki) #1

Auction ended.

(Zoltan Lazar) #2

That’s a lot of wasted SP for a scanning char.


(Kazuo Hideki) #3


(Investor Joe) #4


(Shui Zhao) #5

I’ll push it to 14.2 B. I can send the ISk within the hour, assuming he’s in hi-sec.

(Investor Joe) #6


(Shui Zhao) #7

well, that just wasn’t nice… lol. 14.4. nickles dimes, where are you.

(Investor Joe) #8

lmao, you outbid me by .2 and complain about .1


(Shui Zhao) #9

lol … 14.425 B

(Kazuo Hideki) #10


(Shui Zhao) #11


I am keeping him… Not extracting… He will be my alt for isk-making in empire after he is re-focused. Truly, the reason why the bids are where they are is because he is a bit … unfocused … SO, there’s going to need to be some re-organizing and ISK investment to get him where I want him to be… NO offense meant, my friend…

let me know,

(Shui Zhao) #12

I will pay transfer fee… (I think that can be done, yes?)


(Kazuo Hideki) #13


(Shui Zhao) #14

ok, sounds good, my friend…

he will have a good home with me, flying right & straight.

I just sold off two of my ladies Kiki Lee & Shai Lee. So, I feel ya. Let me know.

Feel free to email me in-game. I might miss you here with the weekend coming up.


(Zoltan Lazar) #15

You can’t directly pay the transfer fee but you can bid more isk to cover the transfer fee. Eg, 14.4b -> 17.6b.

If someone is willing to give you more than extraction value more power to you but something like this is easily trained or injected and you don’t even have gallente frig V.

Also, the fact that you have virtues in makes the SP waste even more obvious since a virtue char literally just needs covops V, gal frig V, 4 scanning skills V, cyber V. Doing anything other than scanning is an easy way to get caught and podded.

(Kazuo Hideki) #16


(Zoltan Lazar) #17

Only roleplayers care about what race your ship is. The helios is miles better than the buzzard. If you want to claim a “perfect” scanning char, you should be able to fly a helios.

I’m on this thread because I am bidding on the character. You said my bid was low because it was a “perfect” focused char. I’m just pointing out that it’s far from perfect and you’re very lucky you’ve got Shui willing to overbid by so much.

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(Kazuo Hideki) #19

Daily bump.

(Kazuo Hideki) #20

Sunday and last bump.