[Deleted post due to folks pointing out an error]

This is the most gamebreaking thing. I think these filaments should be based on standings. Going in should be negative trig based, going out negative edencom based.

Not at all. That’s 3 or 4 dreads at most and recovered in a few hours of high-class ratting.

Your numbers don’t add up either. If you want to troll and gaslight stuff, at least do it properly and do it in the MER topic and don’t spam other topics with your nonsense.


You forgot the value of sleeper salvage, gas, and data sites/relic sites.

You missed the word ‘daily’ - you’ll find it on the left side of the chart you linked…

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Deleted the overall post due to some glaring errors, but just on this point: I didn’t forget about them; they just weren’t the topic of the consternation I was addressing. People weren’t saying “oh all WHs are broken,” they were specifically calling out sleeper components.

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