seller is scammer, account is hacked no deal here!

the guy was hacked and he is sending messages to my threads!! Administration block the scammer and delete his posts

ISD Traindriver why does a scammer write in my threads?? why isn’t he banned?

There seems to be an influx of hacked characters. It’s strange that they always write the same flawed text.

I am a member of the NPC corporation
no kill rights
0 jump clones
empty wallet

This character and another shared Corps once. It’s suspicious to see them here.

I’m not a pro, I went to several topics, looked at how the topic was designed, modified it to suit myself and created a topic
Please explain to me, the person who deceived you and stole your isk writes in my threads that my accounts have been hacked? what the hell is going on
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What’s suspicious? these are my pilots.
I can’t understand why you are writing to me? I created threads today and got this crap, why? Why does the one who deceived you write in my threads?? and do you support him? what is happening to this world. Are you all drug addicts?

@ISD_Traindriver clean up my threads

Please understand that I cannot give any further information except:

All cases have been forwarded directly to a Gamemaster.

All sales and all accounts involved will be thoroughly investigated to ensure that no honorable player is at a disadvantage.

This may take some time.

Until then, all posts that are involved in any way will be closed until further notice.

The players in question will be directly contacted by the Game Masters once the investigation is complete.