96,661,660 allocated SP.
in addition there are 256,000 unallocated SP.

Character is in an NPC corp and is currently docked up in Urlen, 1.0, VI-CEPB.

Current implants:
Genolution CA-1
Basic Memory
Basic Neural
Genolution CA-2
Limited Social
EG-603 (power grid mngt)
EM-803 (cap mngt)

Zero’d isk balance and no assets.
No kill rights.
1 jump clone in Kehour V-1 FERC with a set of 5 Standard +4 Implants in slots 1-5.
0 Bounty.
3.3 Security Status.

I will pay the CCP Character Transfer Fee.

Hello, i’m interested in Mornin to make him an alt for a supercarrier in null sec. What’s your price for him ?

Many thanks for your interest!

Apologies, I didn’t make that part clear!

I would like to sell the char by auction. I will let it run for about a week.

Suggest a starting bid in the region of 70bil.

If anyone would like to propose a buyout bid, then please put one forward.

80 bil

82 bil

83 bil

84 bil

85 billion

85.5 bil

Thank you for your interest and the very good offers so far received.

Daily bump.

If the rate of interest being shown in this Char dwindles, I will close the auction earlier than I had planned.

As there have been no new bids in the last day, I am pleased to be closing this auction.

for 85.5bil

AUCTION SUSPENDED - until next week (after the UK bank holiday).

Call me old-fashioned, but when you receive an email saying ‘I’ll send the ISK in a few hours’ and they don’t send ISK in a few hours, you can lose faith in a buyer.

@TxivYawg1 - sorry, your offer is no longer accepted. As I have no way of knowing if you have been genuinely inconvenienced in RL or you are playing me, I am taking the low hassle approach.

I will update this thread next week.

Confirming my bid of 85 billion.

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