Delete plz

Still looking for players.

FYI if you have your messages set so you don’t get spam messages it may be a bit for me to reply as I use portal and it won’t let me reply to those ppl with the spam filter. I’ll have to wait till I’m back in game which won’t be till late.

If you have this setting i encourage you to use the discord link, I’ll be able to chat while working.

Veterans and newbros alike are welcome.

Wait, I’m still here don’t forget about me. Still looking for people.

California time zone

3 accounts ,3 toons

My deciding factor is where your mainly located region wise?

Hey there! We’re currently looking for more corporations to join us! we’re mostly PvE oriented with a bit of PvP on the side courtesy of our partner alliance! We’d be happy to talk more about what we do and if y’all are interested in all that.

Below is our forum link with our public discord, alternatively you can add me on discord @ Thermionix#8338

Looking forward to seeing if you guys can join us!

Closing at OP’s polite request