Deliberate Abusing bugs to annoy other players. Allowed or not? Because it's becoming frequent

There has been an annoying glitch with Anom’s for probably a year now.

I and others have reported this bug long ago. But it hasn’t been fixed. Can we at please at least get a statement that using a glitch will lead to sanctions against a player who abuses it?

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  1. Can you prove this is an actual thing and done deliberately?

I am sure other players have experienced it and can verify it.

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Removed an issue. -ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

This is likely a bug and you should report it using the Bug reporting system. as for the players doing this… i would make the assumption that you are a NULL bear… so go ship up and kill them. its also only 1 site in 100s that could spawn depending on your Military index and Ihub upgrades.

Actually it’s not null. Reported this bug long ago but hasn’t been fixed.

Get screen shots.

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How can you screenshot a cloaked player?

Well you could screen shot those threats in local you mentioned.

I’m assuming you know it’s happening because of things you can see right? Well screen shot it and show it to ccp. Or even better, video it. You can screen shot the anom existing before DT and then not being there after DT.

Try and get the anome name in on the scanner.

You can also screen shot:

Try and recreate the bug yourself and get screen shots or video of you doing it.

Just coming to the forums and talking about it doesn’t accomplish much. How do we know you’re not just doing something dumb like looking in the wrong place?


Try and recreate it? You don’t even have to try. It happen all the time without trying.

Yes. De-bugging 101. Recreate the bug to confirm how it happens.

E.g. How do we know the ice belt will spawn after the cloaker moves? How do we know it simply fails to respawn and goes to a normal 4h timer?

Then record it and show it to ccp in a bug report.

If you can’t do that what do you expect ccp to do?

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I’ve explained it.

Posting here aint going to help.

It might not be as big an issue as you think it is. Which is why it is taking that long.

Or it might be that CCP did as it always has done and washes it’s hands of whatever thing they have added to the game once they move on to other projects.

I expect better from you, Kane. You’ve been around long enough to know this.

Thread closed via polite request by OP.

Also, filing bug reports is the fastest way to get an issue brought to light about bugs. Keep doing that!