Delve sale for goons

Hi due to returning for new experience in eve I have a ton of assets in delve I need to liquidate. I am looking to sell only to goon characters.

1 ragnarock
2 hels
3 rorquals

These can be fitted or stripped, the fitting was recommended fitting back in March. T2 rigged of course.

Bump have a gallente jump freighter there as well

you are only allowed to bump sales every 24 hours… and if they are in delve, why not contact some people in goons like General Gree


Slightly less than market value want to liquidise their isk rather than looking to make any profit, so someone looking to buy for resale profit can make an offer.

I only bumped once but thanks for advice.
Also do not have contacts in goons that I could contact or I’d already have sold to them.

I can give you plenty of goon contacts who would consider taking it possibly

Yea you bumped it once, but you can only bump it after 24 hrs of the initial post. yours was within 4 hours. Just trying to help you in case you sell anything else on the forums.

Drop me a Mail with prices :slight_smile:

Having a look on forums seems leviathan hulls go for 55 bill
Hels seem to be 17 bill
Rorquals with t2 Riggs 2 bill
Jump freighter 9 bill.

Remember mines have the t2 rigs, these are hull prices.

Just tell people the price you want. Don’t make all your potential buyers guess.

I just did read up last post.

Just spam it to alliance chat

Not in alliance.

Would pay ~48B for the fit rag, if you link fit, internal prices at goons are always lower than “market” prices so you won’t be able to get a goon to buy it for as much as you are thinking. For just hull price I’d pay 40B.

Hell I’d pay forty bill for a rigged ragnarock in goons space too. :yum:

Bump up

the ISDs are going to ping you if you keep bumping within 24 hours. Will you sell to outside of Goons?

Due to excessive bumping, closed for 24 hours.

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